Frankie Bridge shares antidepressant withdrawal woes over Bank Holiday weekend

Watch: Frankie Bridge shares medication issues on Instagram

Frankie Bridge has said she's been wanting to "cry, scream and shout" after running out of antidepressants over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The pop star said she was feeling "out of it" due to withdrawal symptoms from her medication.

Bridge, 32, discussed suffering with depression and anxiety in her 2020 book Open: Why Asking For Help Can Save Your Life.

On her Instagram Stories, the Loose Women panellist apologised to followers for her inactivity on social media, admitting she has been "in a bad place".

Bridge said: "I just have been feeling like I want to spend every day in bed and I’m kind of going between that feeling of wanting to cry, scream and shout all at the same time.”

Frankie Bridge shared her medication issues on her Instagram stories (Instagram)
Frankie Bridge shared her medication issues on her Instagram Stories. (Instagram)

She also said she had been suffering from "mum guilt" due to a busy work schedule: “I was really, really busy the last few weeks which I was really grateful for and all things that I have really loved and really enjoyed.

“But I haven’t been that busy for so long because of corona and I think it just really hit me the tiredness and the guilt of being away from the boys during the Easter holidays, their last day of their old school.

Frankie Bridge said she had been suffering from 'mum guilt' due to a busy work schedule.
Frankie Bridge said she had been suffering from 'mum guilt' due to a busy work schedule.

"The house has just been ripped apart, for me it’s all been a bit much all at once."

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In the midst of trying to balance a busy work schedule, motherhood and her home renovations, Bridge, 32, says it all took its toll on her health:

“Then I did my usual and just before bank holiday I realised that I had run out of my antidepressants and obviously couldn’t get any until the bank holiday was over and I still haven’t got them.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 29: (L-R) Wayne Bridge and Frankie Bridge attend the Virgin Money Giving Mind Media Awards 2018 at Queen Elizabeth Hall on November 29, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)
Frankie Bridge paid tribute to footballer husband Wayne. (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

“So now I’ve been getting bad withdrawals. It’s really weird, the only way I can describe it is you know like the first thing when you’ve had a drink and your eyes feel a bit funny and your head feels a bit numb and you feel like you’re in a bit of a dream.

“So I feel really out of it and a bit like I can't really concentrate on anything.

“I’m getting really bad headaches, I’m really tired, I’m feeling sick, so just not really feeling myself."

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"Hopefully they’re being delivered today so that’ll be about five or six days that I’ve not been on them, so I will take them as soon as they come.

“But I do this all the time. So I’ve set monthly reminders on my phone so hopefully this won’t happen again."

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Touching on her reasons for her inactivity on social media, the Saturdays singer said: “You know sometimes social media can be really positive, but just not really being able to cope with anything negative that anyone says.”

Towards the end of her chatty stories, she admitted that she now had her period to contend with too, and joked that her husband, footballer Wayne Bridge, “deserved a medal” for everything he had dealt with in the past week.

“And now I’m on my seven-day break on my pill so I’ve also got my period, so I’m hormonal as well. So you can imagine what poor Wayne has had to deal with the past week.

“Bless him, he deserves a medal that man.”

Known for her honesty and advocacy when talking about mental health on her podcast Open Mind, she left followers with an important reminder:

“If anyone is out there, [in a similar situation] remember your medication guys, don’t take yourself off it. Just keep on going.”

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