'I Freaked Out': Motorcyclist Apologizes After Hitting Florida Corporal

A motorcyclist cut an apologetic figure after he hit a corporal from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office while fleeing a traffic stop in Ocala, Florida, on April 7, body-worn video shows.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Corporal Calvin Batts attempted to conduct a traffic stop on motorcyclist Matthew Price as his vehicle did not have a license plate attached.

Price attempted to elude Batts by driving between lines of vehicles stopped at an intersection. In response, Batts positioned his patrol vehicle in front of the motorcycle’s path.

A combination of dashcam and bodycam footage shows that as Batts exited his vehicle, Price drove around the patrol vehicle, hitting Batts. Batts can be seen restraining Price on the ground and placing him in handcuffs.

“Sorry about that, man,” Price says. “I didn’t have my plate on and I freaked out.”

Price was arrested for fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer, and brought to the Marion County Jail.

The sheriff’s office urged people not to flee from law enforcement, saying that it “makes a bad situation much, much worse.” Instead of a $116 fine, Price now faces felony charges that could result in a prison sentence or a $5,000 fine, the sheriff’s office said. Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript






CALVIN BATTS: Get on the ground. All the way down on the ground. Get on the ground. All the way down. Flip over.

MATTHEW PRICE: All right. All right.

CALVIN BATTS: Flip over. Give me your hands behind your back. Get 'em behind your back.

- You got him, officer?

CALVIN BATTS: Yes. Kilo 5421. Give me your other hand. 723 highway 200. I had a motorcycle flee from me. I am 10-15 on him.

- You good, officer?

CALVIN BATTS: Yeah. Pull your knees up to your chest.

- Confirming your 10-15 on a 10-31.

MATTHEW PRICE: Can I get my bike up?

CALVIN BATTS: He fled, and I was able to stop him in traffic. He [AUDIO OUT] motorcycle. I am 10-4. Go ahead and run that [INAUDIBLE]. Knees up to your chest.

MATTHEW PRICE: Can you grab my hand?

CALVIN BATTS: All the way up.

MATTHEW PRICE: Sorry about that, man.

CALVIN BATTS: Why you fleeing, dude?

MATTHEW PRICE: I-- I didn't have my plate on, and I freaked out. I'm sorry.

CALVIN BATTS: Dude, you hit me head on with that bike.

- 10-98, 10-33, 12:21 hours.

CALVIN BATTS: I just need a unit. I got nowhere to secure this guy.

MATTHEW PRICE: I'm-- I'm-- nothing on me.

CALVIN BATTS: Why you fleeing?

MATTHEW PRICE: I had my no plate on. I just-- I don't know.

CALVIN BATTS: You seen me trying to pull you over.

MATTHEW PRICE: Yeah, my bad.

CALVIN BATTS: You heard my siren, right?

Where'd your wallet go? Is it in here?

MATTHEW PRICE: It'd be in there.

CALVIN BATTS: You got a license?


CALVIN BATTS: Why are you fleeing? What is wrong with you?

MATTHEW PRICE: I freaked out, man. Stupid.

CALVIN BATTS: Dude, you went around me. I tried to pull you over. I really don't understand. If you would have--


You got a CDL.


CALVIN BATTS: You're going to jail today for fleeing and eluding.

MATTHEW PRICE: Are you for real?

CALVIN BATTS: Yeah, for real.


CALVIN BATTS: What's up with the bike? There's no tag on it.

MATTHEW PRICE: I have-- I have a tag. I have everything. It's at home. I was literally going to Lakeland. And I-- I didn't want to pay the toll, so I took the tag off.

CALVIN BATTS: Wow. You didn't want to pay the toll, so you took the tag off.


CALVIN BATTS: Yes, you are. Is this vehicle registered to you?


- Hey, do you wanna just pull up behind him?

CALVIN BATTS: He started fleeing from me back here, started cutting between traffic. Well, he had to slow down with all the traffic. I was able to zip up here, pull in front, and cut him off. After I cut him off, he tried to go around me. I jumped out of my car. He freaking revved it and hit me.

- Damn. That's when he dropped it?

CALVIN BATTS: Yeah. Well, I tackled him off it.