'Be Free Little Dude!': Baby Turtle Makes Way to Sea Under Glorious Sunset at Queensland Beach

A tiny sea turtle hatchling made its way to the ocean as the sun set at Bribie Island, Queensland, on April 15.

Footage by Melissa Bradford shows the baby loggerhead turtle beelining for the sea while a stunning sunset can be seen on the horizon. The turtle safely makes it to the water, and another clip from Bradford shows it swimming away.

“Be free little dude,” she wrote on Instagram.

Bradford told Storyful the turtle seen in the footage was a loggerhead from the last clutch of the season, which she said hatched two weeks later than normal “due to cooler weather”.

She added that four-wheel drives affecting the lives of the turtles is currently a “contentious issue” on the island, and said that locals are fighting for legislation to limit beach four-wheel driving to daylight hours during nesting season. Credit: Melissa Bradford via Storyful