Freema Agyeman is leaving New Amsterdam days after being cast in Dreamland

Freema Agyeman has confirmed her exit (c) credit:Bang Showbiz
Freema Agyeman has confirmed her exit (c) credit:Bang Showbiz

Freema Agyeman is leaving 'New Amsterdam' after being cast in 'Dreamland'.

The 43-year-old actress - who will appear alongside Lily Allen in the upcoming Sky comedy - was announced for the new project on Tuesday (19.07.22) and the next day she revealed she won't be returning as Dr. Helen Sharpe for the NBC medical drama's fifth season.

In a lengthy Instagram message to her "Dam Fam", she shared a selfie and wrote: "First off I would like to say a huge heartfelt THANK YOU for your unending, dedicated and deliciously ferocious support!

"I feel very fortunate to have connected with so many of you, while rolling around in the skin of Ms. Helen Sharpe, and witness every ebb and flow of your emotional investment in her. What a ride! Thank you for being on it with me.

"She has meant so much to me, but the time has come for me to hang up her white coat, as I officially share the news that I will not be returning for the final season of New Amsterdam."

Although Freema is "saddened" by her departure, she's still going to be keeping up as a far, and she has encouraged viewers to make up their own ending for her character.

She continued: "While I am saddened, I am also incredibly excited to see how the story concludes as a fan of the series.

"It has been such a joy to play Dr. Helen Sharpe for 4 seasons - those magnificent writers built a badass!

"Beyond grateful for the opportunity to tell some of her stories! Fanfic - it’s over to you to tell the rest!! (sic)"

The reason for her departure isn't clear, but it comes after she and Lily were cast as sisters' Trish and Mel respectively in a comedy based on a BAFTA-winning short about a woman attending the baby shower of her heavily pregnant sister in Margate, with news of her own yet to reveal.

Freeman will play Trish, who is pregnant for the third time with her partner Spence (Kiell Smith- Bynoe) while Lily appears as Mel, who makes an unexpected reappearance back into the family’s lives.