French government will use AI to modernise public services

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on Tuesday said that a French-made artificial intelligence (AI) system will be used to simplify administrative procedures moving forward. He also announced the creation of 300 additional France Services centres by 2027.

The French government is pushing forward with efforts to upgrade and simplify access to administrative services, often bogged down by lack of technology or personnel.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal was in the Hauts-de-Seine area northwest of the capital on Tuesday to visit one of the 2,700 France Services centres.

The government has promised it will open around 300 branches of this type of 'one-stop-shop' for public services by 2027, many of them in regional cities.

One of the major changes in public services is access to voting by proxy, or power of attorney.

The government wants people to be able to delegate their voting rights via a fully online process for all future elections, starting this June, Attal's office said on Monday.

Since mid-April, it has been possible, with a new version of the French identity card to give your proxy for the European elections on 9 June online, without having to get validation from a police station or gendarmerie, as was previously the case.

Each response will nevertheless be validated or modified if necessary by an agent.

In some cases, people won't need to fill out forms at all.

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