Fresno Home Security Footage Shows Child Taking Package From Porch

Security cameras at a residence in Fresno, California, captured footage showing a small child taking a package from the porch of the home on the evening of November 26.

Videos sent to Storyful by homeowner Sierra Zamora show the incident.

One angle shows the child, who appeared to be wearing pajamas, approaching the home. The child looks back toward the street, where an adult person is standing, before picking up a package and walking away.

A second camera angle shows a vehicle stopped on the street outside the home and an adult person walking on the sidewalk. A child exits the vehicle and approaches the adult person before walking up the front walk of the home.

Zamora told local news outlets that the package was not particularly valuable and that she was “shocked” and “sad” to see a child put up to this.

Storyful has contacted the Fresno Police Department for comment. Credit: Sierra Zamora via Storyful

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