Fried Chicken ASMR Has A Special Place In TikTok's Heart

fried chicken on plate
fried chicken on plate - Easybuy4u/Getty Images

TikTok has become popular for its many food hacks and trends (hello, Grimace Shake), but the social media platform is also used by some to unwind and relax. At the strange intersection of these dueling concepts, we find fried chicken ASMR. Some viewers have a soft spot for these videos that combine a love for both food and relaxation.

For those unaware, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. These videos combine soft and distinct noises with visuals designed to ease stress, causing tingling and a relaxation response in some viewers. Fried chicken ASMR takes a crispy stance on the phenomenon. Instead of listening to the soft crinkle of wrappers or the light brushing of hair, one absorbs the audible crunch of fried chicken. Basically, fried chicken ASMR features people gorging themselves on food and chewing loudly to get as much crunch with every bite — as some TikToks demonstrate. However, other TikTokers mix things up by using a fork to lightly scrape the chicken and giving it an audible dip into the gravy. It's all about the sound. Viewers seem to enjoy the videos, with one writing, "I love your videos that have crunchy chicken." Meanwhile, another person writes, "I like your video. It can relieve stress."

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Why People Like Fried Chicken ASMR

fried chicken in basket
fried chicken in basket - Adshooter/Getty Images

Many people love fried chicken ASMR, but why do some viewers like it so much? According to Very Well Health, studies have shown that ASMR gives some people a tingling feeling, especially if they're prone to negative emotions or thoughts. The sensation lessens anxiety and promotes relaxation by encouraging the release of the hormones oxytocin and dopamine. Both of which are responsible for feelings of love and happiness.

Likewise, people enjoy watching others eat food on video. Mukbang is a popular video category in which streamers eat a wide variety of food for viewers, but why do people like these sorts of videos? According to a study by Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry (per Psychology Today), it has very much to do with the communal aspect of it. By nature, humans are social creatures who enjoy the company of others, so watching videos of people eating can help some grapple with loneliness while enjoying a meal. However, the outlet also pointed out the risk of such videos encouraging a negative effect on viewers.

It's also worth pointing out that not everyone enjoys ASMR, especially food ASMR. Some may find such videos annoying. However, for those who enjoy ASMR, there's nothing like it.

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