Frustration boils over for Everton supporters demand training changes

Sean Dyche during an Everton training session at Finch Farm. Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images
Sean Dyche during an Everton training session at Finch Farm. Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images -Credit:Everton FC via Getty Images

Everton slumped to defeat against Manchester United on Saturday, making it 11 games without a win - and frustrations are boiling over among the fans in our comments section. The game ended 2-0, with a pair of penalties sending the Blues back home empty-handed.

James Tarkowski and Ben Godfrey put in bad tackles that resulted in spot kicks in the first half, and Everton's wasteful attacking cohort weren't able to claw back the difference against a Manchester United that wasn't firing on all cylinders. Manager Sean Dyche focused on his attackers after the match, saying: "You have got to get hurt to score a goal sometimes as Brian Clough used to say, it can’t all be glorious goals, you have got to get hurt, and that is what I am not seeing."

But words aren't enough for some, like commenter Terraceblues who says: “If Dyche doesn't think he needs the help of an 'attack' coach, then he needs to think about resigning and do us all a favour. We probably can't afford to sack him. Man Utd were not particularly good today, but we were so pathetic. What did our training staff actually work the players on this week between games?”

Nogslah writes: “Two things standing out from us are how slow we are moving the ball, and how awful delivery into the box is. I don't think Godfrey beat the front man from about 5 attempts, Garner's corners had no zip or whip, no one else was any better. The centre forwards are getting hammered but they're getting such poor service. Crossing the ball is such an important part of the game, do we even practice it in training?”

Weshallnotbemoved adds to the pile for Everton's attackers: “Would get the eleven to play next game in 3 weeks drilled, drilled, then drilled a bit more on playing in the opponents last 30 yards. Our choice of final ball is shocking.”

For user Chrisboxer, it's the defence that needs the drilling: “I hate calling for the mangers to be sacked, we need stability, but jeez Dyche is stubborn. He's had a couple of games to see Godfrey is not a right back, especially when we have Coleman, Patterson and even Young fit. Speaking of Young, why? I'm sure we have kids just as useful and Dyche uses subs too late, no wonder the small squad is looking burnt out.”

Hamlet53 wants to see more of one of Everton's veteran full-backs too: “Put Coleman on please in the right back position that is his natural role. Give the armband on the pitch and let him give the others a good rollicking if they need it up, close and personal on the pitch."

"Give Dobbin the role in front of Coleman. Seamus' experience will help Dobbin to settle into the role properly. Garner should up the attempts like he made today from distance - some from there and a little closer. No point in trying to always depend on set-pieces or playing it into the middle of a busy square. Too many times McNeil and Harrison were receiving balls in the centre when they should have been the providers to either Beto or DCL who should have been where they found themselves!”

Sufblue is a little less kind: "Play a bloody right back we've got 2. Doucs needs dropping, get Gomes in. He made more subs today than he's done all season, why now, sheer panic! Patterson plays wingback for Scotland, offers 100% more.”

Bornnotmanufactured adds: "Why persist with Godfrey at RB? Got 2 better RBs on the bench. What has Dobbin got to do to get a chance? The kid has barely played since he scored against Chelsea. Why bring AY on at 2-0 down?"

"We give away so many needless free kicks in dangerous positions and don't get me started on this team's ability to shoot!!!! He needs to get them all on a training pitch, practicing how to shoot, ON TARGET!!! Maybe then we'd have a chance of actually scoring a goal from open play!!! No heart, no fight, no spirit, not good enough. We're sleep walking into the Championship.”

What needs to change to see Everton safely through the run-in of their Premier League campaign? Comment below, and join in on the conversation.