Full list of Birmingham candidates standing in general election as Brummies urged to vote

Aston Hall and park, with the city skyline in the background
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With general election day upon us, Brummies will have the opportunity to cast their votes and decide who will hold power in Britain for the next few years. Politicians, campaign groups, unions and public figures have all been urging people across the country to use their vote and have their say in the ballot on Thursday, July 4.

Polling stations across the city will be open from 7am until 10pm and people will need a photographic proof of ID in order to vote. Accepted forms of ID include a passport, driving licence or UK government bus pass and a full list of accepted forms of ID is published on electoralcommission.org.uk

People voting in person are reminded they can only cast their vote at the polling station specified on their polling card. A total of 10 Birmingham seats are up for grabs. Labour won all the seats in the 2019 general election except Northfield and Sutton Coldfield, which were won by the Conservatives.

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Here are all the candidates standing this year:


Preet Gill - Labour

Colin Green - Liberal Democrats

Joshua Matthews - Reform UK

Nicola Payne - Green Party

Ashvir Sangha - Conservative

Ammar Waraich - Independent


Shaukat Ali - Independent

Farzana Aslam - Liberal Democrats

Jack Brookes - Reform UK

Paulette Hamilton - Labour

Steve Knee - Conservative

Karen Trench - Green Party

Corinthia Ward - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Tahir Ali - Labour

Zain Ahmed - Green Party

Shakeel Afsar - Independent

Mohammad Hafeez - Independent

Izzy Knowles - Liberal Democrat

Henry Morris - Conservative

Stephen McBrine - Reform UK

Babar Raja - Independent


Liam Byrne - Labour

Caroline Clapper - Conservative

Qasim Esak - Liberal Democrats

James Giles - Workers Party of GB

Imran Ali Khan - Green Party

Jamie Pullin - Reform UK


Zoe Challenor - Green Party

Lee Dargue - Liberal Democrats

Shabana Mahmood - Labour

Shazna Muzammil - Conservative

Akhmed Yakoob - Independent

Irene Yoong-Henery - Reform UK

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Jerry Evans - Liberal Democrat

Rob Grant - Green Party

Dean Gwilliam - Independent

Altaf Hussain - Independent

Stephen Peters - Reform UK

Dick Rodgers - Common Good

Gary Sambrook - Conservative

Laurence Turner - Labour


Andy Chaffer - Communist Party of Britain

Kefentse Dennis - Green Party

Sabah Hamed - Liberal Democrats

Garry Hickton - Conservatives

Ayoub Khan - Independent

Akshay Khuttan - Reform UK

Khalid Mahmood - Labour

Shangara Singh - Socialist Labour Party


Jane Baston - Green Party

Alistair Carns - Labour

Erin Crawford - Reform UK

Kamel Hawwash - Independent

Simon Phipps - Conservatives

Dave Radcliffe - Liberal Democrats


Ben Auton - Green Party

Wajad Burkey - Workers Party of Great Britain

Mark Hoath - Reform UK

Andrew Mitchell - Conservatives

Rob Pocock - Labour

John Sweeney - Liberal Democrats


Yvonne Beverley Clements - Conservative

Roxanne Green - Green Party

Roger Harmer - Liberal Democrats

Nora Kamberi - Reform UK

Jody McIntyre - Workers Party of Britain

Jess Phillips - Labour