Full list of Cheltenham Borough Council councillors as Tories wiped out and Lib Dems soar to new heights

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has hailed the election results
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has hailed the election results. He wants to take the Cheltenham seat for his party at the General Election and unseat Tory Alex Chalk MP -Credit:Max Wilkinson

The Liberal Democrats wiped out the Conservatives in the local elections to Cheltenham Borough Council. There is no blue in the political make-up of the local authority after votes were counted on Friday (May 3) after voters delivered their verdict at polling booths on Thursday.

The Lib Dems went into the elections with 31 councillors and the Tories had five seats. After all votes were counted, the Lib Dems had extended their dominance to 36 seats while the Tories were left with none.

Before the final results came in, former Lib Dem councillor and would-be MP Max Wilkinson said on X, formerly twitter: "It’s been a fantastic set of results for Cheltenham. Lib Dems appear to be on the cusp of wiping out the Conservatives. One set of results is left. Charlton Kings… It would be extraordinary."

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That result came in with two more Lib Dems elected. As a party, the Lib Dems grabbed a huge 52% share of the vote.

Of course, Cheltenham has a Conservative MP, Cabinet Minister Alex Chalk, the Justice Secretary. He had had a majority of just 981 at the last general election.

Voters are switching to the Liberal Democrats because they “have had enough of being taken for granted and being let down”, party leader Sir Ed Davey said. Speaking in Winchester, Sir Ed said: “The votes are still being counted, but the message from across the country is loud and clear: People from around our great country have had enough of this out of touch Conservative Government.

“They have had enough of being taken for granted and being let down. It is time for change. And across this country, from Cheltenham to Dorset, from West Oxfordshire to here in Winchester, so many people, including lifelong Conservatives are switching to the Liberal Democrats to make that change happen.

“So they can have real champions who are going to work tirelessly for the local community and deliver the fair deal that people so deserve.”

Cheltenham Borough Council's new political make-up
Cheltenham Borough Council's new political make-up -Credit:Cheltenham Borough Council

Full list of councillors on Cheltenham Borough Council

All Saints

Clark, Barbara Ann - Liberal Democrats

Tailford, Izaac Augustus - Liberal Democrats


Day, Chris - Liberal Democrats

Pemberton, Helen Clare - Liberal Democrats

Benhall, The Reddings and Fiddler’s Green

Collins, Michael John David - Liberal Democrats

Steinhardt, Stephen Ian - Liberal Democrats

Charlton Kings

Boyes, Angie - Liberal Democrats

Mutton, Andy - Liberal Democrats

Charlton Park

Baker, Paul Richard - Liberal Democrats

Harvey, Steve - Liberal Democrats


Barnes, Garth Wallington - Liberal Democrats

Dobie, Iain Andrew Paterson - Liberal Democrats

Hesters Way

Lynch, Cathal - Liberal Democrats

Wheeler, Simon Albert - Liberal Democrats


Andrews, Glenn - Liberal Democrats

Orme, Ben Lewis - Liberal Democrats


Chandler, Julia Caroline - Liberal Democrats

Horwood, Martin Charles - Liberal Democrats


Hay, Rowena Mary - Liberal Democrats

Lewis, Alisha Chloe-Marie - Liberal Democrats


Barrell, Daily Mary Juliet - Liberal Democrats

Chelin, Jackie - Liberal Democrats


Garcia Clamp, Juan Carlos - Liberal Democrats

Tooke, Julian Charles George - Liberal Democrats


Foster, Jan - Green Party

Smith, Stan, People Against Bureaucracy


Jeffries, Peter Jeremy - Liberal Democrats

Williams, Suzanne Theresa - Liberal Democrats

St Mark’s

Holliday, Sandra Jane - Liberal Democrats

Pineger, Richard James - Liberal Democrats

St Paul’s

Davies, Ashleigh Olivia - Green Party

Joy, Tabi - Green Party

St Peter’s

Atherstone, Victoria May - Liberal Democrats

Willingham, David John - Liberal Democrats

Swindon Village

Allen, Frank John - Liberal Democrats

Clucas, Flo - Liberal Democrats

Up Hatherley

Bamford, Adrian Stephen - Liberal Democrats

Sankey, Julie Margaret - Liberal Democrats

Warden Hill

Beale, Graham Anthony - Liberal Democrats

Oliver, Tony - Liberal Democrats