Full list of HMRC changes you must report or face benefit stop and £300 fine

There are a number of things you must tell the HMRC about
There are a number of things you must tell the HMRC about -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

HMRC Tax Credit claimants will need to take action soon or risk losing their benefits and receiving a £300 fine. Renewal packs are being sent out to Tax Credit claimants, and thousands more will be sent out until June 19 - with around 730,000 to be issued in total.

The Tax Credit deadline for renewal falls on July 31 - so you'll have to file it before then - and you'll have to inform the HMRC of changes to your circumstances which could affect your claim. You can renew your Tax Credits claim through the Government website by searching 'manage my Tax Credits' or by calling 0345 300 3900.

You'll need your National Insurance number, details about changes to circumstances, the 15-digit number on your renewal pack, and your total income for the last tax year - as well as your partner's if you're claiming as a couple.

Turn2Us say that your Tax Credits will be renewed automatically if your form has the code 'TC 603 R' on it, so you just need to make sure all of your details are correct. If you fail to respond before the deadline, you could lose your benefit - and you'll also need to pay back Tax Credits received since April 6.

The Mirror reports that you should inform the HMRC of any changes to circumstances as soon as possible, or risk being fined up to £300. If you provide the wrong information, that fine could go up to £3,000. Here, Chronicle Live breaks down what changes you should inform the HMRC of.

  • Living circumstances change, for example you start or stop a relationship, move in with a new partner, get married or form a civil partnership, permanently separate or divorce

  • Child or partner dies

  • Child stops going to childcare for four weeks or more when they would normally go

  • Childcare costs stop, go down by £10 or more a week, or you start getting help with them

  • Child leaves home, for example moves out or goes into care

  • Child is taken into custody

  • Child over 16 leaves approved education or training, or a careers service

  • Childcare provider is no longer registered or approved

  • Working hours fall below 30 hours a week (combined if you’re in a couple with children)

  • Working hours fall below or go above the minimum required to qualify

Failing to provide the right information to the HMRC in a renewal can also lead to fines. If you fail to receive a renewal pack by June 19, you should get in touch with the HMRC.