Fuming vegan family send neighbours scathing note over back garden BBQ

Letter says enough is enough
The dispute has taken another turn -Credit:Hey Perth / Facebook

A fuming vegan family have hit out at their carnivorous next-door neighbours in a scathing note over a BBQ.

The parents who follow a plant-based diet sent a letter asking their neighbours to respect their lifestyle and not barbeque meat in the garden because it left them feeling upset and sick.

Naturally, the letter caused quite a stir, with some people saying it was a "reasonable" request, but others urged the family to host another BBQ in protest, as nobody can tell you what to do in your garden.

After the family took no notice of the first letter the vegan family were forced to send a "last warning" after their first round of pleading letters.

In the first note, signed by 'Sarah, Wayne and kids' the family wrote: "Hello neighbour, could you please shut your side window when cooking please?

"My family are vegan (we eat only plant-based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. We would appreciate your understanding." Unfortunately, the request was ignored.

However, the family appeared to take a harsher tone in their follow-up note.

In the second letter, the author accuses their neighbour of taking 'the mickey' out of the family and being 'downright rude'.

Final warning says envelope
The family sent another letter -Credit:Hey Perth / Facebook
Second letter as explained in article
To the shock of social media users -Credit:Hey Perth / Facebook

The writer also alleged their neighbour went out of the way to cause upset. "I raised my concerns of the smell of meat making my family feel sick and upset and you go and have a BBQ on Saturday night inviting lots of people, and you knew this would affect me and my family."

In a strange turn of events, the family also saw that their letter had been shared online. "My friend Tina told me you took my letter to social media and it backfired on you which is 'just desserts'."

The letter then concluded with a final plea. "Please no more BBQs and please keep that window closed when cooking otherwise I'm going to report you and go to social media too."

However, the letter was once more shared online, where it was again met with mixed responses. "This is unbelievable, they want to tell you how to live in your own home," one person criticised.

But someone else wrote: "They are both in the wrong!! It's such a shame that this is our society now no commUNITY!! #1 If you're asking someone to shut their window just shut your bloody own... #2 You can't tell another person how to live their lives or what to do, you make the changes for yourself. #3 If your neighbour has asked you something kindly that you don't agree with, address it respectfully like an adult."

A version of this story was originally published on May 11 2023.

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