Fundraiser Created in Memory of Euthanized Norwegian Walrus

A fundraiser for a statue of Freya, a walrus that was euthanized in Oslo, Norway, on Sunday, August 14, after gaining international fame, had gathered more than 12,000 NOK (approximately $1,238) by Monday, August 15.

Freya the Walrus had become an unlikely local and international celebrity on the Oslo Fjord where she was spotted in July and August.

However, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries said on Sunday that it had euthanized the animal due to a danger to human life.

The Directorate said the decision was made based on several dangerous situations caused by the public coming too near the walrus.

A fundraiser has been set up in order to raise money for a statue in memory of Freya. Any excess funds will go to the WWF. The fundraiser had collected more than 12,000 NOK (1,238 USD) by Monday.

Footage from Frognerkilen in Oslo shows Freya laying on a small boat on July 19. Credit: @bianchalj via Storyful