Furious Trump Seizes Chance to Join Washington Post Pile On

Rebecca Cook/Reuters
Rebecca Cook/Reuters

Donald Trump apparently made time on Father’s Day to mount an all-out attack on The Washington Post, furiously claiming the newspaper has “fools and stupid people” while namechecking a columnist who recently questioned his mental fitness.

After firing off one bonkers Truth Social message to “RADICAL LEFT DEGENERATES” earlier on Sunday, the former president then turned his ire on the Post, baselessly accusing it of “absolutely blowing up with Fake Stories!” “They ought to clean up their act,” he continued, “Start writing the TRUTH, and maybe they’d get some of their Readers back, considering that they’ve lost over 50% in just a short period of time.”

Trump Lets Loose With Unhinged Father’s Day Message for His Enemies

The Post says its audience has halved since 2020 and its new CEO and Publisher Will Lewis revealed last month that the company lost $77 million over the last year. Lewis himself has come under fire recently amid claims that he tried to kill stories about his alleged involvement in covering up a hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloids (Lewis denies all wrongdoing).

In his Truth Social post, Trump also linked to a new Post investigation exploring alleged links between Robert Winnett, the man Lewis appointed to become the newspaper’s editor after the November election, and a self-described “thief” who claims to have used illegal methods to obtain information for a British publication. Lewis declined to comment to Post reporters for the article.

Trump, meanwhile, appeared more concerned with the newspaper’s coverage of himself.

“They have fools and stupid people, like Eugene Robinson, who are in no way qualified to be doing what they are doing,” Trump grumbled in his Truth Social rant. It seemed somewhat strange that Trump would specifically insult Robinson, a columnist who did not write the article the presidential candidate then included in his post.

Trump’s name-calling was more likely a retaliation for an op-ed Robinson wrote last week with the headline: “Is Donald Trump okay?” In the article, Robinson warned that journalists are becoming “inured to Trump’s verbal incontinence” and the “frightening glimpses” the presidential candidate gives “into a mind that is, evidently, unwell,” citing his recent, bizarre campaign rally screed about choosing between being electrocuted or attacked by a shark.

“The Washington Post is on its last leg, there’s no reason for them anymore,” Trump wrote in his post. He later added that you “would think” Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and owner of the Post, “who is losing more than $100 Million a year on that ‘RAG,’ would want to at least see REAL Journalism, not Fake Stories that do nothing but hurt and demean our Country.”

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