Futurama season 11 gets return date – and it's soon

futurama season 11, fry and leela being squeezed by bender
Futurama season 11 gets premiere dateHulu - Disney+

Futurama fans, rejoice! The animated comedy's 11th season has been given an official premiere date at its new US home of Hulu.

A short teaser trailer contains loads of little clips, while also revealing that the new episodes kick off on July 24. The current season consists of 10 episodes out of a 20-episode order, and they'll drop on a weekly basis.

The pun-tastic episode titles for this season are: 'The Impossible Stream', 'Children of a Lesser Bog', 'How the West Was 1010001', 'Parasites Regained', 'Related to Items You've Viewed', '"I Know What You Did Next Xmas', 'Rage Against the Vaccine', 'Zapp Gets Cancelled', 'The Prince and the Product', and 'All the Way Down'.

The official synopsis goes even further in teasing what we can expect, stating that we'll learn the history of Robot Santa, the contents of Nibbler's litterbox, where Kif and Amy's tadpoles are, and what's next for Fry and Leela's ever-evolving love story. While there's a lot for long-term fans to enjoy, the season is also positing itself as a jumping-on point for new viewers.

You might have also noticed in the trailer that John DiMaggio is indeed back as Bender. There was a while where the voice acting legend was not going to return due to a pay dispute, but a deal was worked out in the end.

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When it comes to Matt Groening's other long-running series, The Simpsons producer Al Jean has admitted that he doesn't know how much longer it can go on for and, in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, he shared some of his ideas for the final ever episode, although luckily he doesn't think it'll be too soon: "Fortunately, we are not tasked with coming up with an ending any time soon," Jean confirmed, before hinting that there's plenty of scope: "Nobody's going, 'Let's wrap it up.' No-one. So, we'll see.".

Futurama streams on Hulu in the United States, and on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.

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