Gabby Barrett's 3 Kids: All About Baylah, Augustine and Ivy

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner share three children

<p>Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty ; Gabby Barrett Instagram</p> Gabby Barrett arrives to the 2023 People

Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty ; Gabby Barrett Instagram

Gabby Barrett arrives to the 2023 People's Choice Country Awards on September 28, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.

American Idol alums Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are proud parents to their three children.

The pair — who met on the set of the hit ABC show in 2018 — tied the knot the following year in an intimate Texas ceremony. Just shy of their one-year anniversary, the newlyweds announced that they were expanding their family.

"We are very excited," Barrett told PEOPLE in 2020 of herself and her husband becoming parents. "The Lord has blessed us with a little one, and we're really excited to finally be able to share the news with everybody and just have a big old family celebration about it."

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Baylah May, in January 2021. She was joined by Augustine Boone in 2022 and Ivy Josephine in 2024.

"It's a whole new world, honestly. It's so true all the cliché sayings — when you have kids, everything changes in your world; just flips upside down," Barrett told PEOPLE in 2021.

The Billboard Music Award winner — whose husband is the lead guitarist in her band — shared that she works hard to balance her family life with the demands of her career, which often includes bringing her children on the road.

“I’m trying my best to really prioritize and give X amount of time to music and X amount of time to family,” she told PEOPLE in 2024. “And right now, I think we’re in a really good balance.”

Here is everything to know about Gabby Barrett’s three children: Baylah May, Augustine Boone and Ivy Josephine.

Baylah May, 3

<p>Gabby Barrett Instagram</p> Gabby Barrett, Cade Foehner, and their daughter Baylah.

Gabby Barrett Instagram

Gabby Barrett, Cade Foehner, and their daughter Baylah.

Barrett and Foehner became first-time parents with the birth of their daughter, Baylah May, on Jan. 18, 2021.

"Gotten to spend a very sweet week with our newest addition.. meet our girl🥰" the proud mom wrote on Instagram at the time.

The “I Hope” singer later opened up during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show about how their daughter’s unique moniker came to be.

“Cade’s sister’s name is Bailey Blane and I was just kind of trying to spin off of that because I like the name Bailey, but I wanted something that was a little more original,” she said. “I was in the airport just messing with it and I was like, ‘Bailey, Baylah,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, I like Baylah’ and I put it down in my notes."

“My sister was born in the month of May and so we did Baylah May,” she added.

Shortly after her arrival, Baylah joined her parents as they embarked on Thomas Rhett’s 2021 The Center Point Road Tour.

“I'm really excited for her to kind of be able to watch us on the side of the stage, and as she grows, become more aware of what we do and songs and things like that,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2021. “And then eventually we can write songs about her and it will just be so sweet."

In 2024, Barrett kept her promise and released, “Growin' Up Raising You,” a personal ballad from her sophomore album, Chapter & Verse.

“This song was specifically written about my first born daughter, Baylah. I’ve learned so much over the past few years watching my babies grow & I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she wrote on Instagram, promoting the new single.

When Barrett and Foehner aren’t taking the stage, Baylah can often be seen on her parents’ social media enjoying everything from soaking up rays at the beach to spending some mother-daughter time at the spa for her 2nd birthday.

"Now everything's kind of transformed from me doing it for myself, to me doing it for her now, and I would much rather have it that way," Barrett previously told PEOPLE. "She's just my whole world now."

Augustine Boone, 1

<p>Gabby Barrett Instagram</p> Augustine Boone Foehner and Baylah May Foehner.

Gabby Barrett Instagram

Augustine Boone Foehner and Baylah May Foehner.

Barrett and Foehner welcomed their second child and first son, Augustine Boone, on Oct. 27, 2022.

"Soaking up the newborn days with baby brother. What a precious gift from our Lord!," Barrett captioned the first public image of the newborn, which also featured big sister Baylah watching over him. "Augustine Boone Foehner 10.27.22 💙(Pronounced UH-GUS-TIN)."

The singer later shared on The Bobby Bones Show that she and Foehner call their son by his middle name, as Foehner does the same, and opted for another name starting with B.

After Augustine was born, Barrett continued to include him in her work, and he starred in her music video for “Glory Days” when he was 8 months old. In the video, he can be seen playing in the kitchen, cozying up on his mom’s chest and enjoying the great outdoors.

“What you see literally are my ‘Glory Days’ right now,” Barrett told CMT in 2023 about the music video. “It’s sitting on the porch and reading the Bible with my husband or rocking my baby to sleep. This video perfectly brings the lyrics to life.”

“Seeing my sweet family in this video just melts my heart,” she added. “I feel so unbelievably blessed.”

Ivy Josephine

<p>Gabby Barrett/Instagram</p> Gabby Barrett Welcomes Baby No. 3, a Girl, with Husband Cade Foehner

Gabby Barrett/Instagram

Gabby Barrett Welcomes Baby No. 3, a Girl, with Husband Cade Foehner

Barrett and Foehner welcomed their newest family member, Ivy Josephine, on Feb. 17, 2024.

“Our third baby arrived earth side early this morning, at home. Another life to love and cherish. Praising God for His kindness,” she captioned the announcement, which featured a close-up of Ivy’s feet.

Approximately 10 months after giving birth to Augustine, Barrett and Foehner announced they were expecting their third child and second daughter.

"My first was a girl, second was a boy, third will be a girl again. So love girls, love raising my first one," she told PEOPLE in 2023. "So lots of personalities in the house."

Prior to their daughter’s arrival, Barrett revealed that Baylah was excited for the impending arrival and “understands it all.”

"My first understands that there's a baby and what's in mom's belly. And she always feels my belly and lays on it, and kisses it, which is very sweet," she told PEOPLE. "She's 2½ and so she understands it all and is very excited for her sister."

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