Gaby Hoffmann is 'annoyed' that nudity is more controversial than violence: 'It shouldn’t be a big deal'

"Do we really need to talk about tits and vaginas? Let’s talk about AK47s."

Gaby Hoffmann thinks Hollywood might have its priorities askew when it comes to the debate surrounding onscreen nudity.

“I’ve always been very comfortable being naked,” the Eric actress told The Independent during a recent interview. "So long as a woman is not being made to feel uncomfortable or isn’t being exploited, it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

That being said, the actress who got her start as a “punchy” child star before graduating to more mature roles knows by now to expect a reaction if a project involves being naked on camera. She told the outlet that following her role Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus — the druggie road trip movie where she starred alongside Michael Cera — some viewers were scandalized by her nude scenes. That reaction was later echoed after her appearance in season 3 of Girls, as Adam Driver’s oft-naked sister, Caroline.

<p>Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage</p> Gabby Hoffmann

Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage

Gabby Hoffmann

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“I was annoyed and bored by that conversation, especially being called brave,” Hoffmann said, adding, “I’m always shocked that nudity is such a big topic when it seems like in every other film someone gets their head blown off.”

She continued, “Do we really need to talk about tits and vaginas? Let’s talk about AK47s, pistols, and the kind of absolutely revolting violence that is not just normal, but expected.”

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Though not all moviegoers seem to agree, Hoffmann said she would much rather see boobs than blood on her screen: “I mean, I can barely watch somebody get punched, but a breast? That’s beautiful.”

As Hoffmann indicated, nudity and sex scenes remain a hot discussion topic even now. The conversation was recently reignited in 2023 when the UCLA’s "Teens and Screens" study concluded that Gen Z is more interested in platonic relationships than sex, when it comes to movies and television.

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Hoffmann is next set to appear in Eric, the new Netflix series that sees her playing opposite Benedict Cumberbatch as parents to a nine-year-old boy who goes missing in 1980s Manhattan. The series tracks Cumberbatch’s Vincent, a puppeteer and the creator of Sesame Street-esque TV show, as he loses his grip on reality and grows increasingly volatile throughout the search for his son. Meanwhile, Hoffmann’s Cassie struggles with not only the loss of their son, but the growing distance in an already fractured marriage.

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