'I just embrace it' - Gail Porter says she quite likes having no hair

Julia Hunt
Gail Porter talks at Wellcome Collection on September 25, 2018 in London, England. Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Gail Porter has said she quite likes that she is bald.

The former model, 48, has alopecia and lost her hair suddenly in 2005.

But speaking out after US talk show host Ricki Lake revealed her own hair loss struggles, Porter said she embraces the fact she doesn’t have any hair.

“I think I’ve been very fortunate,” she told BBC Breakfast.

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“I quite like the fact I don’t have hair now.

“Obviously when it first happened it was very shocking.

“Now I just embrace it.

Gail Porter attends the premiere of the Walt Disney film A Bug's Life in London.

“I can understand people that lose hair and find it really upsetting. For me, I kind of just thought, it is what it is.

“I don’t really worry about anything.”

Porter said her hair loss started with a “wee clump” and within four weeks her long blonde locks were gone.

She has previously said her daughter, Honey, made her feel OK about her new look.

She told BBC Breakfast: “My main worry was what was my daughter was going to think of me because I was away working and when I got back, she thought I was very rock ‘n’ roll so I thought, OK, I’m going to have to just deal with this.”

The star said she still gets abuse in the street every now and then, but added: “I can take it.”

Porter spoke out days after Lake revealed she had been battling hair loss for many years and that it had left her feeling “suicidal” at times.

The actress, 51, opened up about her secret struggle in a long social media post captioned: “Liberated and Free, Me.”

She said her hair was never the same after being “triple-processed and teased” every couple of weeks when she played the lead role in Hairspray in 1988.

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Describing her battle as “debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely”, she debuted her new shaved head and said it was time to be “set free”.