Galaxy Quest reboot series gets a positive update

galaxy quest tim allen
Galaxy Quest reboot series gets a positive updateDreamworks

The Galaxy Quest catchphrase "Never give up, never surrender" appears to be the case for the film as the sci-fi comedy is set to take flight onto the small screen.

A TV spinoff of the popular 1999 film starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell and Enrico Colantoni has been in the works for some time, but now its small screen debut doesn't seem to be too many light years away.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Star Trek spoof is in development by Paramount+ and its studio counterpart Paramount Television Studios.

galaxy quest tim allen

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Galaxy Guest followed a group of TV actors living off their 1980s fame, attending conventions as their former space counterparts when they are suddenly forced to step into their TV character's shoes for real and take on a galactic villain.

Kidnapped by a peaceful alien race who believed the TV show to be accurate documentation of their space-age adventures, the crew soon realise that they are not at an elaborate reunion or TV special but they are fighting for their lives.

Details about the new TV show may seem galaxies away, but this isn't the first time a small screen outing has been teased, showing signs that creatives are determined to get the show up and running.

Although it aired many years ago, the film's popularity has continued to grow, and with a motley all-star crew, who wouldn't want to see more?

the protector in galaxy quest

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In 2015, Amazon Studios picked up the small-screen adaptation of the show, reuniting the cast and the film's co-writer Robert Gordon who was to write the script and executive produce the pilot. The film's director Dean Parisot was also back and was to work alongside producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein.

However, following the death of Alan Rickman at the beginning of 2016 the plans were put on hold.

Then in 2017, fans were teased again when Veep and Fresh Off the Boat writer Paul Scheer who was set to write the project and replace Gordon. However, the project never progressed beyond the earlier stages.

Fingers crossed that this time the show will land on Paramount TV Studios as the studio looks to find a writer. With Star Trek being such a hit on Paramount+, which Galaxy Guest has some strong parallels with, hopefully the show has found its new home and as Rickman's character would say, fans can hope "by Grabthar's hammer" that more details will come soon.

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