'Game changing' item makes green algae 'vanish' from fences

Wooden fence near a brick wall with the leaves on it
Wooden fence near a brick wall with the leaves on it -Credit:(Image: Getty)

If you're keen to give your outdoor space a spruce-up, make sure you pay attention to your garden fences - specifically, tackling the common problem of green algae.

Fences, which often enhance gardens with their vibrant coats of paint, can unfortunately become quick targets for unsightly algae. The issue is compounded by the fact that this can speed up the degradation process of the wooden panels - and it's not just the shaded areas that are at risk, as sun-loving algae can flourish, too.

However, there are efficient ways to remove these unappealing stains using the right products, reports the Express. This was highlighted in a discussion on the Gardening Hints and Tips Facebook page.

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Kelly Irvine shared her concern about the problem, asking other members: "Has anyone used the method of white vinegar and water to get rid of algae on a fence? Does it work?"

She added: "I just painted over it last year, but need to actually treat it this time." Although suggestions including white vinegar were offered by participating members, most agreed that such methods weren't their top choice.

For instance, Angela Munns reported disappointing results: "Tried white vinegar, didn't work for me." And Paul McKibben explained: "I used white vinegar and it just removed the paint without taking off the algae."

Interestingly, group members unanimously endorsed Patio Magic - generally utilised for cleaning patios - as an unexpectedly effective solution for treating those stubborn green stains on fences.

Danielle Brown claimed: "We used Patio Magic, was gone within a day or two, brilliant stuff. You dilute it as per instructions on the back and then can either spray or paint on with a paint brush."

Stephen Clarke advised: "I use a large paint brush to paint on a thin layer of Patio Magic, it should remove the algae almost on contact. This avoids any damage to plants too."

Mark Kirk warned: "Don't use a pressure washer as this just creates an environment for more algae to take hold by roughing the surface up more. I use Patio Magic and it was a game-changer for me."

Sally Rhodes shared her success story: "I used patio magic in a spray bottle. I did 25 fence panels with some left over. All the green vanished overnight."

The product description boasts that Patio Magic is formulated to "destroy" mould, algae, and lichen on various surfaces including paving, driveways, glass, garden furniture, and walls.

Currently, Patio Magic is available on Amazon for £10.63, marked down from £13.99, and at Wickes for £11. For those seeking alternatives, gardening enthusiasts have previously suggested Wet and Forget Mould Lichen and Algae Remover, which is priced at £18 at Wickes and £18.99 at B&Q.

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