Game of Thrones: my love-hate relationship with Blood of My Blood


This week’s episode might have been a filler, but it was probably the best for our broken hearts after the emotional rush of The Door. And although nothing mayor happened in Blood of My Blood, things kept moving forward, foreshadowing the end. There was a lot to love and hate - as usual - so let’s take a look on how are we doing so far!

I loved…

  • Bran. Okay, I’m still angry at Bran for being so careless and not learning from his mistakes - curiosity has only led to tragedy before… but that doesn’t mean that I’m not super excited for his storyline. With every episode he seems more and more important and those who think he is the key against the White Walkers, might not be wrong. They reveal a bit of information every time but there’s still so much to learn. I can’t wait to know more about those fragments he kept seeing and his role as the Three Eyed Raven!
  • We haven’t seen Sam and Gilly in so long! Their scenes were so soothing, so nice to look at; and Sam’s mother and sister are actually really nice people. His father, not so much but Sam has come a long way and he proved himself to be a lot stronger than he was when it all started.
  • Margaery is such a good actress! I don’t believe she suddenly has found Faith - she is definitely plotting something. (This is going to be unrelated to the events but how is her hair so pretty now? Atoning gets you shampoo and combs from the Faith Militant?)
  • Arya is so screwed. For the whole of this season I was waiting for this decision though; not that I don’t like Jaquen - he is one of the best characters - but this Faceless business is not really for Arya. Finally she’s realizing being powerful doesn’t mean she has to deny who she is completely. And her choice of the name Mercy was really telling. I just hope she can get away quickly and join the events somewhere else.
  • The Tyrells are the best! They are the most entertaining family in Westeros that’s for sure. That exchange between Olenna and Lord Tyrell - the best moment of this episode! The confusion about the whole thing was rather unfortunate though.
  • Benjen is back! And is here to stay! Another Stark reunion! Celebratory moment of the episode - check. We also learned what happened to him and that he’s been working with the Three Eyed Raven so could we maybe have a whole episode of him and Bran?
  • Drogon is also back, much more cooperative than usual and anyway, the dragons are exctremely cool!


I hated…

  • I always complain about Tommen but what can I do when he is so painfully oblivious to everything that’s happening aroung him? He is not only too naive to live in Westeros but he wouldn’t stay alive in real life either. I’d say while Margaery only pretends to be all about the Faith now, Tommen really does believe.
  • I’d always assumed Lord Tarly is not a particularly pleasant man - now I know for sure.
  • That Faceless Girl is creepy and mean. How happy was she about losing Arya?
  • If I would ever make a list of the most disgusting characters, the High Sparrow would be really close to the top. With his smug face he is one of those brilliantly written and played characters that you can only hate with a passion.
  • I didn’t like Jaime and Cersei in this episode. I feel like they are not really doing anything this season apart from being angry and talking about revenge. They are so exciting characters, I love to see Cersei scheming and being her best mean self and Jaime being funny and somehow nice but this season is not really giving those people to us. Does Jaime going to the Riverlands mean a potential reunion with Brienne though?
  • My feelings about Daenerys are really complex. I love how badass and fearless she is - who wouldn’t with 3 dragons as their children - but at the same time she is also annoying self-entitled. She’s done a lot since the end of season 1 but somehow she is still at the same place, convincing the Dothraki about her rights in King’s Landing. Her journey would have been worth it if she would have changed during the last 5 seasons but I feel like, she hasn’t really. I used to like her - and in a way I still do - but her sense of entitlement is getting ridiculous. It would be time for her to prove herself and not just wait for her dragons and countless soldiers to do everything for her because she thinks she deserves it.

I know I said we needed a filler in between the emotional rollercoasters but with so few episodes left I’m not sure how to feel about the lack of Jon and Sansa, Tyrion and Varys and even Ramsay in this episodes. Couldn’t we get the last 4 all at the same time?

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