Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Finale: Hell Hath No Fury *SPOILERS*


If you haven’t already caught the season finale “The Winds of Winter” (i.e stayed up till 2am BST to find out who dies and who doesn’t) please click the back button on your browser lest your experience of the 69 minute gore-ganza be ruined! You only have yourself to blame if you don’t.


Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones saw Sansa Stark unmericfully finish off Ramsay Bolton (but we all knew he had that coming). The female characters of Game of Thrones are finally getting their way!

And ok, maybe there was a big little bit of a spoiler in the image of Cersei at the top but HOT DAMN - that woman is H-A-R-D. So much so she didn’t even shed a tear after seeing the bloodied corpse of her last remaining child, King Tommen. You see, Tommen couldn’t deal with the fact his ma blew up his wife Margaery Tyrell and so jumped to his death in as quietly a fashion one can…by removing one’s crown and wordlessly striding out of an open window:


Does Cersei have ANY feeling left whatsoever? Probably not. She was never an angel but even I could understand her desire for revenge against the High Sparrow, Septa Unella (the Shame Nun) and House Tyrell. While I didn’t care so much about the others being tortured or bursting into flames, I did however feel very jilted by George R.R. Martin and the showrunners for killing off Margaery and Loras.


RIP Margaery! Oh well. Now Cersei gets to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. We just need Daenerys to come along with her dragons to #MakeWesterosGreatAgain.

Continuing on, it seems Arya Stark may have escaped the clutches of the Waif after all. There was some doubt after the final stand-off between her and Faye Marsay’s character occurred off screen but why else would the Arya we saw in this episode murder Walder Frey if she wasn’t the REAL Arya?

What good would have feeding Walder his sons in a pie and slitting his throat afterwards be if she hadn’t been the real Arya? So glad some fan theories AREN’T true!

- All images courtesy of HBO

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