Game, set and mismatch as Lidl pairs something else with strawberries

Wimbledon is known for two things: tennis and strawberries and cream – the dessert is synonymous with the competition. But one supermarket chain has suggested a shocking alternative to the classic British dessert.

Lidl has teamed up with Great British Bake Off star John Whaite to present four new ways to eat the dish including one controversial change. Instead of double cream, use soured cream.

Drawing from his experience as Star Baker, John has also revealed why this choice is the better pairing. Not just that, the TV chef – who has appeared on ITV’s Lorraine and Steph’s Packed Lunch – also suggests you should try adding ingredients like dill mackerel and goat’s cheese.

With the tennis tournament in full swing, John has shared four alternatives to the British favourite. Prepare yourself.


For those hoping to ace their seasonal snacking, the chef recommends simply switching from classic cream to soured cream.

John said: “When you’ve got British strawberries that are bang in season, there’s nothing quite like it.

“They’re juicy and so sweet, so something with a little sharp kick will always balance with them perfectly.

“With that in mind, if you replace the cream with soured cream, you’ve got something even better – the gentle tang of the soured cream makes the strawberries even sweeter, and it’s nowhere near as rich as regular double cream.”


Another option? Add fish.

He said: “You may think fish and fruit is a no-go zone, but if you just pickle some strawberries, you’ve got the perfect accompaniment to oily fish such as mackerel.

“To pickle – pour over a hot pan full of two parts vinegar, one part sugar, and a fresh herb such as dill, and maybe a star anise flower, and leave the strawberries to soak in the sweet and sharp liquor for a day or two.”


For summer soirées, John recommends swapping out the seasonal strawberries and combining them with a refreshing mix of watermelon and feta, to create the perfect salad.

He said: “Toss together some cubed watermelon, halved strawberries and crumbled feta, with a finely sliced red onion and some pitted black olives and finished with a glug of olive oil, and you’ve got an exciting salad to add to your summer dinner table.

“That combination of fruits and the sharp, tangy feta cheese is really special.

“If you like a tipple, drizzle the whole thing with a little gin, and your socks will be well and truly blown off.”


For sourdough superfans, John recommends the combination of chopped, fresh British strawberries on a thick layer of goat's cheese on a toasted bread base. He said: “A crispy-yet-chewy toasted slice of sourdough, smeared with a tangy goats cheese and topped with some finely sliced strawberries makes for the perfect breakfast or lunch.

“Plenty of black pepper, and maybe even a little balsamic, and you’ve got all the flavours you need.” Not sure about these alternatives? No bother, we’ve still got good news.

Lidl is dropping the price of its strawberries to just £1.89 per 400g, so just snack on the fruit and ditch the extras.