Game of Thrones Actor Jack Gleeson Raises Money for Ukrainian Army

Actor Jack Gleeson, known for playing King Joffrey in “Game of Thrones”, hosted a film workshop in Kyiv on Thursday, February 16, which was livestreamed as a fundraiser for the Ukrainian military.

Actor Andriy Klymenko streamed the workshop to his YouTube channel, showing young local actors performing scenes from Game of Thrones before receiving advice and praise from Gleeson.

Gleeson had traveled to Ukraine to deliver a car bought by British volunteers, the Kyiv Post reported.

Gleeson said, "I want to support Ukraine in its fight for independence,” the outlet reported.

Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne reported that an air raid siren rang out as the acting workshop took place, prompting the Irish actor to say “the show must go on,” before continuing.

Viewers were given several methods of donating money, and Klymenko said all of the funds raised would go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Credit: Andriy Klymenkov via Storyful

Video transcript


- The Oscar goes to--

- Feeling pretty hot.


- That's good.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- That was fantastic. Well done. How did that feel for you guys? How did it feel?

- I don't know.


I think I was in here all the time.

- Yeah.

- I just don't know how--

- Yeah,

- --It was.

- And for me, it's good so.


- Thank you.

- But I think that's it. It's like the Joffrey character is completely under her spell, right, because she's so perfectly beautiful and poised. And she's playing this perfect princess character that's like out of a fairy book. And he's completely under her spell. I wonder if in the first page when you're-- what's the lines-- when you're saying, how is it being in King's Landing? It must be quite a change. Maybe it would be fun to see if you're pretending to be easy, breezy. And it's quite casual. And you're saying, oh, well, you know, how has it been?

And you're far more relaxed. And then you come in with the darker tone when you say fraternizing with a traitor or hanging out with a traitor because she-- you're sort of laying a trap for her that she doesn't expect. And then, to see how you can react to that for the Margaery character of, oh, shit, this guy is, like, really scary. And even though you have a lot of the power in the scene. It's like, I think you are a bit scared of him. And especially-- yes, see how it would feel if you hold on to the crossbow a bit longer in the beginning.

- Yeah, yeah.

- I know it's awkward-- yeah.

- It is awkward. It's small.

- It's kind of funny. I do not want it to be funny.

- No, I know.


But I mean, yeah, I mean, I guess in the scene, it's basically, like, having a loaded gun, you know. And you're sort of there so, you know-- well, that's so great that, yeah, you're settling in so well when you're pointing a gun at her.

And so, yeah, that was the only idea I have to play the first moments like-- yeah, you're laying a trap for her and then to see how you can react to some fear inside of you. But other than that, it was brilliant. And I was, like, so locked in. I think how you, yeah, we're very in tune with each other. So keep that sort of connection. Yeah, and the hand-holding.

And yeah, see-- if you want, see how it would feel moving around. If you have an instinct, maybe you can stand up and move around the stage a bit more. But don't do that if it doesn't feel natural. But yeah, keep that electricity that you guys have. Yeah, that's wonderful.

- Thank you so much.