Game Of Thrones: This is why Bronn and Cersei will never share a scene

This week’s grand finale of season seven Game Of Thrones saw all of our key players come together in an epic meeting in King’s Landing about the army of the dead.

As well as the likes of Cersei and Daenarys meeting for the first time, there were plenty of reunions in the first 20 minutes of the episode as our favourite characters crossed paths once again after spending seasons apart – including Bronn and Podrick.

Bronn’s absence was especially noticeable in this season’s finale. Copyright: [HBO]
Bronn’s absence was especially noticeable in this season’s finale. Copyright: [HBO]

In fact, moments before Queen Cersei took to her throne to discuss the state of Westeros with her enemies, Bronn pulled Pod to one side and told him to join him for a pint and a catch-up whilst the “grown-ups” talked.

Fans found the whole thing a little bit weird, especially as Bronn is Jaime’s right-hand man and was the one to save his bacon against Daenarys’ dragon earlier this season.

On reflection, fans realised that Bronn has never shared a scene with Jaime’s sister/ lover Cersei, which is quite strange as the two men are incredibly close… And it turns out that there is a legitimate reason for the two characters avoiding each other.

Bronn took Pod for an impromptu pint. Copyright: [HBO]
Bronn took Pod for an impromptu pint. Copyright: [HBO]

As it happens, the actors who play Bronn and Cersei, Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey, used to date, and way back in 2013 The Telegraph reported that the two stars are kept apart on set because their romance did not end well.

Speaking at the time, a show source said: “Jerome and Lena aren’t on speaking terms any more and they are never in the same room at the same time.

“It’s a pity because they appeared to have patched things up for a while, but now the word is they should be kept apart at all costs.”

It is even speculated that both Jerome and Lena have it written into their contracts that they are not to be forced to work together.

Bronn is Jaime’s right-hand man. Copyright: [HBO]
Bronn is Jaime’s right-hand man. Copyright: [HBO]

Season seven of the HBO fantasy drama ended with Jaime seemingly turning his back on his sister and riding North, with it being assumed that Bronn will be travelling with him.

This means that Lena and Jerome probably won’t risk crossing paths in the next season of the show – but if they come close, we’re sure that Pod will conveniently be on hand for an impromptu pint with his former mentor.

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