Game of Thrones fans are still confused about that Grey Worm scene in the finale

Roisin O'Connor

*Spoiler warning for the finale of Game of Thrones*

Almost a week after the final episode aired, and Game of Thrones fans are still discussing it.

While most will likely have come to terms with what took place in the conclusion to HBO’s epic fantastic series, some are still confused about certain plot points.

One moment in particular has people wondering whether showrunners made a blunder when the finale was being edited.

As Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) addresses her army after destroying King’s Landing, her most loyal follower Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) is pictured by her side.

Fans are wondering how the leader of the Unsullied troops managed to get to the castle so quickly, given he had been involved in an altercation with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) apparently just moments before.

During that scene, where Jon tries to stop Grey Worm from executing the remaining Lannister soldiers who survived the attack, Ser Davos Seaworth suggests Jon speak with the Queen in the Red Keep. Jon leaves to find her as Grey Worm continues slaughtering the soldiers.

But when Jon arrives at the steps where Dany is making her speech, Grey Worm is already there.

“Did Grey Worm just teleport?” one Reddit user asked.

Another quipped: “I’m just picturing Grey Worm racing off through the streets after executing the soldiers like ‘Last one to Dany is a rotten egg!’ while Jon limps along sadly.”

“If you thought people haven’t been teleporting all over Westeros the last two seasons, you haven’t been paying attention,” one joked.

Others pointed out that problems with continuity had been an ironically frequent occurrence throughout the final series.

“I’d say that’s a problem with the last season in general,” one suggested. “There’s no real sense of how much time is passing, and considering the early seasons played out much slower it just feels like everyone is teleporting everywhere now.”

Actor Charles Dance, who played Tywin Lannister on the show until the end of the fourth season, is one cast member to admit he had also been confused by the final season.

“I’ve watched as much as I can because there are characters like Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) – her character and my character never met – so I wanted to know what happened to these people,” he told Good Morning Britain.

“I got to the very end and I thought, ‘hmm, ok.’”

Meanwhile, George RR Martin has finally announced the deadline for his long-delayed book The Winds of Winter, which he now says will be completed by July 2020.

“How will it all end? I hear people asking,” he wrote in a blog post after the final episode aired. “The same ending as the show? Different? Well… yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes.”.

“I expect these last two books of mine will fill 3000 manuscript pages between them before I’m done… and if more pages and chapters and scenes are needed, I’ll add them.”

“Book or show, which will be the ‘real’ ending?” he continued. “It’s a silly question. How many children did Scarlett O’Hara have?” he said, referencing the heroine of Gone with the Wind.

“How about this? I’ll write it. You read it. Then everyone can make up their own mind, and argue about it on the internet.”

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