Game Of Thrones' theory suggests that Littlefinger is also a Faceless Man

It’s safe to say that the current series of Game Of Thrones has been one of the most gripping yet, with each episode being full of action and drama.

However, when Littlefinger managed to outwit stealthy Arya Stark in the latest episode, some fans were shocked.

Is this how Littlefinger has survived? Copyright: [HBO]
Is this how Littlefinger has survived? Copyright: [HBO]

Although it has always been widely acknowledged that Littlefinger is the craftiest and most manipulative character in Westeros, it still seemed surprising that Arya, a trained Faceless Man, could be outfoxed by him.

Now a redditor has proposed an interesting theory that suggests that Arya isn’t the only Faceless Man in the Thrones line-up, with the user speculating that Littlefinger has also been trained and that is how he always manages to keep two steps ahead of the game.

Littlefinger has been a key player in the show since series one and has regularly been seen to know everything about everybody and using that information for his own benefit.

Littlefinger is a key player in the game. Copyright: [HBO]
Littlefinger is a key player in the game. Copyright: [HBO]

In fact, it was he who instigated the War of the Five Kings, and he has somehow managed to remain on good terms with the majority of other characters despite seemingly betraying their trust at one point or another.

As a secondary character, we don’t know too much about Littlefinger’s roots, however, we do know that he has spent time in Braavos, where the House of Black and White is based.

In the books, the skillful character’s history doesn’t start until he was eight years old and taken in by the Tullys, with the theory suggesting that eight years is definitely enough time to train as a Faceless Man.

Littlefinger managed to outfox Faceless Man Arya. Copyright: [HBO]
Littlefinger managed to outfox Faceless Man Arya. Copyright: [HBO]

If true, Littlefinger could have been wearing the faces of several other characters within the show, using his new identity as a way to gain knowledge and, as a result, power, at no cost to himself.

With just eight episodes of Game Of Thrones left, it does seem a little bit excessive for this extravagant theory to be true, however, it would be a pretty brilliant twist in the tale if it was.

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