Jailed for life: The gang members who filmed the brutal murder of a teen on Snapchat

Aaron Miller, 20, of Tavistock Street, Bedford; Caleb Brown, 16, of Shadwell Drive, Northolt; Jacob Morgan, 15, of Winchester Road, Bedford, and Ramon Djuana, 15, of Stanley Street, Bedford, were all jailed for life. (Bedfordshire Police)

Four gang members who filmed a fatal stabbing attack on a 16-year-old have been named by a judge as they were jailed for life for the brutal killing.

Cemeren Yilmaz, 16, suffered multiple injuries during the attack in Bedford in September, which was filmed on Snapchat.

Aaron Miller, 20, Caleb Brown, 16, Jacob Morgan, 15, and Ramon Djuana, 15, were all given life sentences after being found guilty at an earlier trial.

Judge Mr Justice Bryan QC also lifted reporting restrictions, allowing the group to be named.

Cemeran Yilmaz was stabbed to death in a brutal attack (Picture: Bedfordshire Police)

Cemeren, known as Cem, was visiting friends in the Ashmead Road area of Bedford on Sunday, 16 September, when the attack took place.

It is thought that Cem had links to the Mile Road gang - a rival to the Black Tom gang, which three of his killers were members of.

CCTV showed a series of events between Morgan and a group of youths and Cemeren and his friends leading up to a fight between Miller, Morgan and Cem that saw the latter stabbed.


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Bedfordshire Police said despite his injuries after being stabbed, Cem got up and tried to escape, shouting “lowe it” to his attackers, a slang term urging them to calm down.

As one of the teen’s friends phoned an ambulance for help, Brown and Djuana arrived and continued the attack, punching and kicking him as he lay dying on the ground, while he was also hit over the head with a hammer - which was filmed on Snapchat.

Cemeren suffered around 50 separate injuries during the attack, including a 17.5cm stab wound that nearly went all the way through his body, and a skull fracture and brain injury caused by the hammer blow. He died in hospital on Monday, 17 September.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Branston, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, who led the investigation, said: “This was one of the most brutal attacks I have seen in 25 years in policing. The fact those involved were mostly children makes it even more shocking.

“All four attacked Cemeren as he lay helpless on the ground. The sheer volume of injuries is appalling, but the force with which some of these blows were inflicted is nothing less than savage.

“This is violence of the worst degree and has no place on the streets of Bedfordshire.

“Those responsible for this cowardly attack deserve to be spending such a significant time in prison. I hope these sentences go some way to securing justice and closure for Cemeren and his family.”

Miller, 20, of Tavistock Street, Bedford, will serve a minimum of 21 years; Brown, 16, of Shadwell Drive, Northolt, and Djuana, 15, of Stanley Street, Bedford, were ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years and Morgan, 15, of Winchester Road, Bedford, will serve a minimum of 16 years.

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