Garden expert shares genius tip to painting your decking in minutes

Man preparing wooden deck with brush and  organic oil at home,close-up.
You can paint your decking a lot easier with this simple hack -Credit:Getty

Painting can be a laborious task with many people constantly searching for simpler ways to get their fences and decking looking fresh for summer.

Decking slats can be a particularly painstaking thing to paint, and you may worry that you don't get it all done in time before the weather turns and the rain starts.

One man, who goes by @dad.dancer on TikTok, has come to the rescue and shared his exceptionally easy way to paint decking - and all you need is a sweeping brush and some paint.

TikTok influencer Mike Sneddon originally posted the video back in 2021 and it has since gone viral on his page, garnering a whopping 27.1 million views in total.

In the video, Mike dips his sweeping brush into a tub of paint and brushing this across his decking slats instead of using a paint brush.

This hack has been liked 1.7 million times by viewers, who were split on opinion on if Mike had actually inserted his decking upside down.

One person said: "Apparently the board are upside down. the grooves are supposed to be face down to help with air flow and stop rot. just saying."

Mike replied: "You’re the 1,000th person to say that. But no. They can go either way up." Another person praised the simple trick, writing: "

Someone else added: "Brilliant!" And a third said: "I wish this video was longer, super satisfying."

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