Garden expert's free 'magic' solution to remove paving weeds

Grass and weeds growing through cracks in patio
-Credit:(Image: Getty)

Gardeners are often plagued by weeds marring their patios and gravelled areas, much like the persistent issue of moss.

While there are numerous tips shared by gardening buffs to tackle weeds, these methods can sometimes harm your garden's ecosystem, patio surfaces, or even your prized plants.

Patio expert from Armstrong Cheshire, Simon Wardle, has cautioned against a popular white vinegar method: "This is not always advisable, as the acid can damage the surface of the stones, particularly limestone or concrete pavers, as well as being harmful to wildlife and plants."

Instead, Simon suggests a clever trick that will appeal to tea and coffee drinkers - simply pour boiling water from your kettle over the weeds, dubbing it the "perfect solution".

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Whether you're dealing with established weeds or ones that have just sprung up, this expert assures that this simple technique "will remove unsightly weeds from your patio this summer - for free", reports the Express.

Simon elaborates: "This targeted method not only means your patio will end up weed-free, but it ensures there's no damage to your patio, or the environment, as there is no leftover residue left around."

"You should start to see results in minutes as the boiling water breaks down the weed - with full results in hours."

To implement this hack, use boiling water to gently saturate each weed, aiming precisely at them via the spout.

Gardeners are told by Simon to "wait for the magic to happen" as the expected results will appear "in minutes". He also advises repeating this procedure as soon as any additional weeds surface.

So why does this procedure work so well?

The explanation is that the hot water "scalds the weeds by killing the leaves", an essential part in their persistence and proliferation due to light gathering.

Simon further shared that the hot water aids in dislodging the taproot, as it seeps into even the smallest crevices.

Although this method works successfully to kill weeds on patios, driveways and gravel areas, there are two places where you should never use boiling water.

He urged gardeners not to employ this method to fight lawn weeds warning that it "will kill" the grass. Repeated exposure to high temperatures strips the protective layers off the leaves and could potentially damage their roots.

Another rule stressed by the gardening expert is to never pour boiling water on weeds situated near ornamental or other desired plants as the extreme temperature may harm any contacted parts of these plants, especially while they are still in their formative stages.

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