Garden tool that gets rid of weeds, moss and algae in minutes branded 'genius'

Close-up of someone doing gardening
A garden tool that gets rid of weeds, moss and algae in minutes has been branded 'genius' -Credit:Getty Images

As the summer season approaches, many of us are turning our attention to the joys of gardening.

With the warmer months on the horizon, it's the perfect time to bask in the sun, enjoy outdoor dining and embrace the fresh air naturally, we all want our gardens to look their absolute best. However, some garden nuisances like weeds, moss, and algae can be stubborn and difficult to eliminate.

But now, a "genius" product has been discovered that can clear these pesky intruders within minutes. The brilliant solution was revealed on TikTok by a user named mycouncilhouse, and the hack has since left viewers thoroughly impressed.

In the video, a woman is seen presenting a weed removal brush to the camera before demonstrating its effectiveness in clearing out the challenging areas on her patio.

She confesses that her weeds tend to grow "fast", making their removal a constant hassle. Yet, with this brush, she swiftly and effortlessly eradicates the unwanted plants the tool even features an extendable handle for added convenience.

The TikToker expressed satisfaction with the transformation in her garden, noting that the brush successfully tackled even the "really stubborn" weeds.

The reaction from fans was one of amazement, with many endorsing the brush as a miraculous find. One person commented: "I just bought it it's fab. I also didn't realise about the handle too." Another said: "Oh, I'm gonna get. Thanks for the recommendation."

While third chimed in: "At least you're not using dangerous/toxic sprays."

A fourth meanwhile shared their skepticism but curiosity, adding: "I don't believe I have to try."

Others were eager to offer their own advice on tackling weeds. One individual recommended: "Use bicarbonate of soda." Another commented: "Can't relate. Spray. Leave. Continue with life."

A further suggestion came from someone who added: "Bicarb of soda when we have more than one day of sun. Next rain it'll kill them from the roots, and it's safe."