Garden waste collection charge in West London borough to be £25 more than originally proposed

Cut grass being poured from a bag
-Credit: (Image: Tatiana Goydenko via Getty Images)

The annual cost of a garden waste collection service in Hammersmith and Fulham is to be £25 more expensive than initially proposed after council benchmarking found the fee would be the cheapest among local authorities in London.

The West London council had included a provisional £65 subscription fee for the new collection service in its 2024/25 budget, which was approved earlier this year.

Cllr Sharon Holder, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, has however now green-lit upping the annual fee to £90 after subsequent research identified the charge'“would be the cheapest subscription in London' alongside further consideration of the costs involved.

The scheme was included in the council’s Reduction and Recycling Plan (RRP) in January this year. At that point, it was not known whether a fee would be involved.

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The £65 charge was revealed in the run-up to the council’s 2024/25 budget, with documents detailing how the service was expected to bring in £650,000, assuming 10,000 households sign up. The ongoing cost to the local authority to run the scheme was estimated at £278,000.

In a new decision notice published this week, Cllr Holder approved a recommendation from officers to increase the charge to £90 a year following further work benchmarking Hammersmith and Fulham against other London councils, plus additional consideration of 'the costs of providing the services from a collection and disposal perspective'.

The average annual fee among London's local authorities is £75, officers wrote, though these are typically seasonal or fortnightly collections. Hammersmith and Fulham’s scheme, which is to be introduced on July 22, will involve up to 49 collections a year, primarily weekly though with a break in December/January.

"At an annual subscription cost of £90 per annum, this equates to £1.83 per collection which is significantly cheaper per collection than comparable boroughs," the decision notice adds.

The revised charge will bring in a further £250,000 than the original rate, again assuming 10,000 households sign up. The frequency of collections and charges are to be reviewed annually. Most homes in Hammersmith and Fulham do not have a garden that would require the service, with sign-up optional.

The council's RRP, approved in January, noted how Hammersmith and Fulham is ranked third out of 308 local authorities in the country for collecting the least amount of waste per person, and has the ninth highest dry recycling rate in London.

Government data from earlier this year also revealed the borough to have cut cases of fly-tipping in percentage terms more than any other London borough between 2021/22 and 2022/23.

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