Gardener makes cheap two-ingredient fertiliser packed with nutrients

A gardening expert has shared her affordable recipe for a homemade fertiliser that only uses natural kitchen ingredients you likely already have at home. In a video shared on Instagram, content creator Green Garden showed her straightforward technique.

"Think twice before tossing those banana peels," the eco-conscious gardener advised. To start, she cut up the banana peel into small pieces with a pair of scissors and put them into a large cup, reports The Express.

Next, she poured hot water over the peels and allowed them to ferment for a day. She then sieved the liquid using a strainer.

Finally, she incorporated a modest amount of distilled white vinegar into the mixture. "White vinegar can quickly decompose a variety of nutrients in banana peels," she explained.

Lastly, she carefully poured the mixture directly into her potted plants, ensuring they received the nourishing benefits of the concoction. She also recommended transferring the solution into a spray bottle and applying it directly onto the plant's leaves.

According to the Instagram user, this method can aid in achieving vibrant green leaves for your plants.