Gardener shares 31 plants that slugs 'don't eat' for a 'colourful' outdoor space

Close-up of a slug eating a leaf, Sonian Forest, Brussels, Belgium
Slugs like to munch on the leaves of much-loved plants -Credit:Getty Images

A gardening enthusiast has shared a list of plants and flowers that won't be "bothered" by slugs.

The slimy pests are known to munch on all kinds of leaves, ultimately leaving shrubs torn to pieces. However, they are also an important part of nature's eco-system, which is why prevention is a better route to take with slugs over killing them entirely.

Luckily, a member of Gardening UK - Hints, tips & advice Facebook has shared their advice, after observing the habits of slugs in their outdoor space. According to the green-fingered enthusiast, there are at least 31 plants that slugs won't "munch".

It includes a wide array of shrubs that produce pretty flowers and even certain vegetables, from foxgloves to wallflowers, to roses and sweet peas. Gathered from one woman's gardening experience, she also highlighted that stronger, older plants are less likely to be snacked on by slugs over younger, weaker shrubs.

Helen Wood wrote on the social media page: "Thought I'd list the plants I have in my garden that are not bothered by slugs as a guide for folks new to gardening that are having their plants munched. As well as choosing plants that slugs don't eat, a strong healthy plant will always have a better chance than a young tender (tasty) one.

"I'm sure others can add to this list from their gardens but just wanted to show you can have a colourful garden without slug damage. Happy gardening."

There are plenty of ways to naturally deter slugs in gardens, from rubbing plant pots with Vaseline, to correctly feeding soil. By following this list, gardeners could save themselves the stress of having to deal with the issue.

Read below for the full list.

31 plants that slugs 'don't eat'

Coneflower, Echinacea, variety Cheyenne Spirit orange flowers with a blurred background of leaves.
Echinacea is one plant that apparently does not appeal to slugs -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto
  1. Alchemilla (ladies mantle)

  2. Foxgloves

  3. Perennial Geraniums

  4. Alliums

  5. Sedum

  6. Wallflowers (perennial & biennial) Aquilegia

  7. Erigeron

  8. Veronica

  9. Phlox

  10. Geum

  11. Japanese Anemone

  12. Catmint

  13. Lavender

  14. Thyme

  15. Marjoram

  16. Astilbe

  17. Astrantia

  18. Euphorbias

  19. Valerian

  20. Ferns

  21. Thalictrum

  22. Potentilla

  23. Hardy salvias

  24. Sweet peas

  25. Echinacea (young plants get eaten but not bigger ones)

  26. Roses

  27. Scabious

  28. Eryngium

  29. Echinops

  30. Knautia

  31. Achillea

Helen's suggestions we're backed up by her fellow garden fans, who took to the comments to offer additional suggestions. "This is a great list! I'd add snapdragons (antirrhinums) and peonies too," one person said.

A second wrote: "I would add Camassia, Hypericum, Dianthus, Chrysanthemum, Cyclamen, Helibore."

Some said that they had bad experiences with certain listed plants, but Helen offered some advice as to why this could actually be happening. One of her most-given tips was that younger plants may draw in slugs and in some instances she suggested that other pests may be the real culprits.

One comment stated: "Interesting that last year (I had a major slug problem) and thought my echinacea and alliums would be ok but they were a particular treat for the slugs and were eaten more than anything! They didn’t touch the purple sensation bulbs but gobbled up the Allium Millenium like they were Michelin.!

To which she replied: "I've found my echinacea are fine now they are well established plants but they needed watching when they were young plants."

Another said: "I always see damage on my roses and never get it, would think it would cut them but apparently spikes don’t stop them, something oily does." To which Helen suggested: "Could it be caterpillars of some kind, or leaf cutters? Slugs don't usually damage roses."

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