Gardener's lawn mowing hack leaves people stunned as 'it's an eye-opener'

Close up of a man mowing green lawn in the garden
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Maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn hinges on an effective mowing routine. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or have just begun sprucing up your green space, comprehending the basics can transform your patch of grass into a lush sanctuary. The task may seem straightforward, but many enthusiasts surprisingly get it wrong.

An online gardening guru who goes by the alias Black Lotus Gardening unwittingly stirred up a storm when he shared a game-changing hack on TikTok. The Melbourne gardener's clip, which amassed over 35,000 views, showcases his struggle with taming the tall grass.

He said: "I used to just smash the lawn mower into the tall grass and pray to the lawn gods. Then after gaining enough experience, I decided that it worked out to be faster mowing the lawn twice."

The clip sees him adeptly adjusting the lawn mower to a higher position using a side lever. He initially trims the grass at this elevated setting before reverting the mower to its original lower setting for a final clean cut, reports the Express.

His advice is succinct: "Once on a high setting and then again on the desired setting. It's a bonus if you line trim the edges in between since it is easier to see and you can catch it on the second run-through."

TikTok users were unaware that their lawnmowers had adjustable settings. One user expressed their amazement, saying: "Oh, you're a genius I would have never figured that out."

Another added their own suggestion: "Nah, just lift the front of the mower when it's about to shut off," and another was surprised: "Wait... mowers can be adjusted? ".

It turns out that Britons might be spending an unnecessary amount of time on lawn maintenance, with research indicating that the average Brit spends around 15 hours a year mowing their lawn, which breaks down to roughly one hour every two weeks. However, according to gardening expert Bo Petterson, all this hard work might not be yielding the best results.

Bo Petterson, known as @dadadvicefrombo on TikTok, shared his four essential tips for achieving the perfect lawn. He emphasised the importance of lawn care in a video, starting with advice for the spring season.

He advised: "In the spring, you need to mow a couple of times a week and you need to cut it short. This teaches your grass to grow outwards instead of upwards, making your lawn thicker."

For the summer months, Bo suggested a different approach: "In the summer, you don't have to mow as often, but you should leave the grass longer. This shades the roots from the hot sun."