Gardeners say weeds die 'straightaway' and will 'never come back' using hack

A staircase in an English inspired garden.
Garden weeds may appear harmless enough -Credit:Getty

Mrs Hinch fans have shared their best advice for removing weeds without resorting to harsh chemicals to kill them off.

Weeds are ugly and can pop up in any place of your garden, including your patio, the cracks in driveways and through your plants, reports the Express. While it is tempting to just spray some chemicals on them, this can be harmful to your surrounding environment and your loved ones - including your pets and kids.

Gardeners can use more natural methods that have less of an impact on your own natural ecosystem, including boiling water. Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their advice for removing weeds without resorting to chemicals.

In a Facebook group dedicated to the cleaning lover, one person posted: "Any ideas for killing weeds on patio slabs please?" There were over 50 comments from other fans of Mrs Hinch suggesting their best advice - and the one that stood out was boiling water.

One person wrote: "Boil your kettle and while it's still bubbling, pour over the weeds and they'll never come back. My gardener told me that and it works great. Obviously, don't do it to weeds on your grass though."

Weeds close up.
Gardeners can use natural methods -Credit:Getty

Another said: "I just boil the kettle and pour it on. Kills them straight away!"

One other Facebook user suggested using "boiling water and salt" to banish the weeds for good.

Boiling water almost instantaneously destroys weeds by killing the plants root tissue through the heat. The plant will curl up and die within a day or two. You shouldn't use this method, however, on lawns or flower beds as the water could destroy grass and plants gardeners want to keep.

Other cleaning fans suggested using salt, white vinegar and a weed burner. One wrote: "Salt - just salt. It does the job. I’ve been using it for years now and nothing else seems to work."

Another replied: "Mixture of salt, washing up liquid and white vinegar."

A third added: "I tried the vinegar and washing up water method and it works, but have now decided that I like the effect of moss in amongst my slabs. Gives it a cottage-y feel, like the paving you see in gardens of listed buildings. I just pull up the weeds."

A fourth noted: "One litre of white vinegar. Do it when the sun is on it."

One added: "I was told pure vinegar they get in the chippies and water it down. I used it and it's brilliant. Does the job and quickly. Just don't get it on the grass as it burns it."

And another concluded: "I use a weed burner. It kills right down to the root."

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