Gardening expert shares easy way to boost hydrangea flowers

Picture of hydrangeas
Vibrant hydrangeas -Credit:(Image: Getty)

Hydrangeas, recognized for their large colourful blooms, are a stunning addition to any garden, and the secret to healthier flowers lies in providing them with the correct fertiliser. Spring, preceding the summer flowering season, is typically the best time to feed these plants.

Potassium, a nutrient crucial for flower growth, assumes significant importance here. Wendy, a gardening expert from WMDesignHouse, has disclosed her special homemade banana flower fertiliser recipe, vowing that it would "give your flowers a boost of nutrients without breaking the bank."

She explains: "Banana peels provide a natural boost of much-needed potassium. Potassium is crucial for overall plant health, helping regulate water uptake, promoting strong root development, and enhancing flower and fruit production. Because banana peels decompose relatively slowly, they are an excellent source of long-term plant nutrition."

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The aroma of a banana fertiliser not only energizes your hydrangea and keeps it lively but also serves as a repellent for pests such as spider mites and aphids, reports the Express.

Instructions on how to concoct this banana peel fertiliser for flowers are straightforward; one must begin by collecting ripe banana peels and storing them. Once sufficient peels are gathered, they can be chopped up using a pair of scissors before being stored in a jar for later use.

Fill the jar with water until the peels are fully submerged, then screw the lid on tight and let it stew for three to seven days. You can keep your homemade banana fertiliser chilled in the fridge for a maximum of two weeks.

When it's time to give your hydrangeas a drink, mix one part banana fertiliser with five parts water in your watering can, and then douse your plants with this nutrient-rich concoction.

Don't discard those banana peel bits; instead, bury them at the base of your hydrangea where they'll decompose gradually, providing a constant supply of potassium to your blooms.

This fertiliser, a cinch to whip up, not only helps you reduce food waste but also is a fantastically straightforward method to coax out larger blossoms from your hydrangeas come summertime.

Wendy remarked: "You can also use banana peel tea on other types of plants, but it is especially beneficial for flowering plants."