Gardening expert shares four mistakes to avoid when growing orchids

Orchids in bloom
Orchids in bloom -Credit:Getty

Orchids are stunning indoor plants that are perfect for adding beauty to your home. Their colourful, unique, and long-lasting flowers make them a popular choice with both plant experts and novices.

While orchids have a reputation for being challenging to grow indoors, selecting the right species and creating the right environment should lead to successful cultivation.

A plant aficionado, who goes by TannerThePlanter on social media, has shared four tips to keep in mind when caring for your orchid to make sure it thrives.


"Here are the mistakes to avoid when growing Orchids," he said in a TikTok video before delving into his advice.

Don't use water that's too cold

You should never water your plants with water that's too cold as they are tropical plants, reports the Express, and are used to warmer climates. Instead, just water them with room temperature water and only hit the roots. Let the excess drain out. The roots will turn green so do not water again until the roots have turned silver.

How to water

"Don't hit the leaves with water. Only water the roots when we're watering our orchids," said Tanner.

"Don't throw the orchid away when the blooms have fallen off. With proper care they will bloom again and give you brand new flowers," the content creator said.

Planting your orchid

You should never plant your orchid in typical houseplant soil. Instead, always use something more airy, like orchid bark.

Where to place your orchid

Ensure your orchid is positioned close to the window rather than in a shady corner of the kitchen. It requires a good view of the sky to receive the necessary light for blooming.