Gardening expert shares 'free' way to banish slugs and snails from your plants

Slugs can be a huge nuisance - but there are plenty of ways to stop them -Credit:Getty
Slugs can be a huge nuisance - but there are plenty of ways to stop them -Credit:Getty

A gardening expert has revealed top tips for keeping slugs and snails at bay using natural methods, which can help protect your plants. On ITV's This Morning, David Domoney shared his insights on how to prevent slugs and snails from damaging new plant growth.

David highlighted that while many believe salt is the worst enemy of these garden invaders, sunlight actually plays a crucial role in deterring them by drying them out.

He advised gardeners to avoid watering their plants too late in the day, saying: "Never water late enough for the sun not to have a chance to dry it up afterwards, is my first big tip." To keep the slimy creatures away from plants, David recommended creating "barriers" they would find difficult to cross, reports the Express.

One of his suggestions was to sprinkle coffee grounds around plants, as the grounds dehydrate slugs and snails and impede their movement due to their preference for moist conditions. He also mentioned that natural wool pellets are an effective barrier against these pests.

These pellets, which can be bought from retailers such as Amazon and BandQ, contain fine barbs and fibres that make it challenging for slugs and snails to move across. For those who find that these measures are not enough, David suggested trying gravel, copper tape, or even setting up a beer trap as alternative solutions.

The method of using a beer trap involves placing a container filled with beer into the ground to lure slugs, facilitating their humane removal.