Gardening expert shares hack perfect for people 'strapped for space' this summer

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It's time to get back out there and get cracking on your garden -Credit:Getty

A gardening expert has shared the ultimate space-saving hack that is perfect for bedding in your plants and flowers this summer.

As we see temperatures increase across Scotland this weekend, many green-thumbed individuals will be out in spades checking on their garden and getting busy in the soil. Gardening is an extremely fun and rewarding hobby but it can be hard to choose where you put your prized plants in your backyard.

One man has shared a simple trick for those 'strapped on space' in their garden and showed them exactly how to clear up some busy pots to replant some new bulbs this summer.

The man, who goes by @alexscitygarden on TikTok, shared the video with his followers on the platform and racked up over 5,500 views in just a few hours. The 36-second video depicts Alex's space-saving hack as he captioned the post: "Are you strapped on space and you need to clean up some pots do the pot pole get rid of your spring bulbs and get ready for summer."

Alex started the video by saying: "Do you have a bunch of pots sat around full of absolutely dead spring bulbs? Well, do you know what? Their time is up. You need to do something about it."

In the video, the man wrapped his hand around the base of the dead plant and pulled hard on it as he noted, "You should end up with some bulbs on the end here!"

He also said: "This is a fabulous tip if you've got a small garden and you want to make the most of the space ready for the summer."

Alex tells people to repeat this process with all of the remaining dead plants and bulbs and then you'll "end up with a lovely clean pot that you can fill with all manner of sweet summer sultries".

This little trick is great for budding new gardeners who have planted like crazy in the spring and may want to try some new things out for the summer.

One happy viewer left a comment on the video asking: "What do you do with the bulbs? (New Gardner here) I though we had to let them die back to dry them out for next year?"

Alex replied: "I just stick them into the shed or out the way until the green dies off. Then cut it off and store."

Another noted: "I just stick them into the shed or out the way until the green dies off. Then cut it off and store." Alex also replied to this comment, writing: "Problem is you want to leave the green to die and feed to bulb for bigger and better flowers!"

Will you be preparing your garden for the summer months using this trick? Let us know in the comments below.

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