Gardening expert shares 'natural' way to boost hydrangea flowers using banana peel fertiliser

Picture of hydrangeas
Vibrant hydrangeas -Credit:(Image: Getty)

Hydrangeas are a gorgeous addition to any green space, thanks to their large and vibrant blooms. Feeding them with the right fertiliser is crucial for promoting healthier and more beautiful blossoms.

Spring, prior to the flowering season, is typically the ideal time to feed your hydrangeas. Potassium is one of the vital nutrients that spur flower development.

Gardening expert Wendy from WMDesignHouse has shared her DIY banana peel fertiliser recipe, guaranteeing an economical way to provide your flowers with a nutrient boost. As reported by the Express, she said: "Banana peels provide a natural boost of much-needed potassium.

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"Potassium is crucial for overall plant health, helping regulate water uptake, promoting strong root development, and enhancing flower and fruit production." She added: "Because banana peels decompose relatively slowly, they are an excellent source of long-term plant nutrition.

Beside giving your hydrangea a boost and ensuring its wellness, a banana fertiliser can even deter pests such as spider mites and aphids who don't quite enjoy the scent. Here's how to create a banana peel fertiliser for your flowers:

You will need:

  • A jar with a lid

  • Bananas

  • Water


  • Start by collecting ripe banana peels and storing them in a container.

  • Once you've gathered enough banana peels, chop them up using scissors and then stash the bits in a jar.

  • Immerse the peels fully in water within the jar, seal it with the lid and let it steep for between three to seven days. You can keep your self-made banana fertiliser in the fridge up to a fortnight.

  • During hydrangea watering, mix one part banana fertiliser with five parts of water in a watering can, then proceed to nourish your plants with the weakened fertiliser.

  • Disperse any segments of banana peel at the base of the flower where they will gradually decompose, resulting in a consistent source of potassium for your hydrangeas.

This easy-to-make fertiliser is an excellent tactic to reduce on food waste and at the same time, a remarkably straightforward method to prompt hydrangeas to yield larger flowers when summer comes.

Wendy said: "You can also use banana peel tea on other types of plants, but it is especially beneficial for flowering plants."