Gardening expert's simple five-step trick to get lush lawn in just four weeks

a lush english garden in summer
Follow this five-step tutorial to get vibrant green grass in no time -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

The sun has started shining and many of us are spending more times in their gardens.

So if you're planning a barbecue or want to sunbathe outside with a nice book, listen up. TikTok user The Lawn List shared their top tips for getting vibrant green grass.

It's a simple five-step process – and apparently you can see results in as little as four weeks. Here's everything you need to know...


The first step is to clear out any organic matter from around the base of the grass, which is known as "scarification". To achieve these results, trim the lawnand get to work with a rake or similar tool.

The expert said: "We started by scarifying the lawn. This removes any excess thatch and allows the lawn to breathe."

Think about seeds and fertiliser

Next, it's time to get planting. For your second and third steps, think about the seeds and fertiliser you're laying down.

The TikToker applied a "quality granular seeding fertiliser" and an "appropriate high-quality seed mix" that contained dwarf ryegrass because it is "resilient".

When you're done, get some good-quality lawn down, which should help grass to grow in more thickly. This also helps to make the grass more weather-resistant and resilient, which is important with sunnier days ahead.

For the penultimate step, the lawn experts advise adding liquid seaweed. He claimed this is an "organic biostimulant and will help root development".

Water your lawn

It may sound simple, but many people forget to do this consistently. And if you don't keep every inch of the garden saturated, the lawn may even get patchy.

The gardening guru added: "Finally, we watered the entire lawn and made sure to water it daily for four weeks. The same process is entirely possible with your lawn. In four weeks your lawn could be looking like this too."