Gary Barlow: My 'Heartbeat' cameo was one of the worst things I’ve ever done

Gary Barlow arriving at the Olivier Awards Nominations Party (Ian West/PA Wire)
Gary Barlow regrets his 'Heartbeat' cameo. (PA)

Gary Barlow has called his appearance in TV drama Heartbeat one of the biggest mistakes of his career – complaining it wasn't even worth the money.

The Take That singer made a cameo in the ITV Sunday night police drama in 2000 as hitchhiker Micky Shannon in its 150th episode.

Barlow, 50, told Music Week: “Oh f***ing hell! I swear that thing will not leave me.

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"It’s funny, when it gets repeated on something like Gold I get a cheque. And I got one this year for 78p, so it wasn’t even a financial decision!

Gary Barlow made an acting cameo in 'Heartbeat' in 2000. (ITV)
Gary Barlow made an acting cameo in 'Heartbeat' in 2000. (ITV)

“It was just one of the worst things I’ve ever done, it really was.”

The Never Forget singer made the appearance, his acting debut, in the period before Take That's hugely successful reunion in 2005.

Barlow has since made a cameo as himself in BBC sitcom Miranda in 2013 – sharing a passionate kiss with star Miranda Hart.

He also appeared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fulfilling a childhood dream as a huge fan of the movie franchise.

Barlow's extra role in a crowd scene during the Star Wars film was so fleeting even he couldn't see himself.

Gary Barlow with Mark Owen and Howard Donald. (PA Images)
Take That are currently a trio with Gary Barlow performing alongside Mark Owen and Howard Donald. (PA)

He said: "I went twice to see the movie and missed it! In the end, I needed the pause button to actually see myself!”

Barlow recently revealed he believes Take That – currently a trio – will reunite once more, this time with all five members performing together once again.

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The Relight My Fire singers – Barlow, Robbie Williams, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange – first formed as a boyband in 1990, and now Barlow has given hope to fans that the fab five will Rule The World once more.

Barlow told The Mirror of the chances of a full reunion: “I think there will, I think there will. That’s one of the thrills of being in the band. You don’t know what’s going to happen from record to record and it’s lovely."

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