Gary Lineker’s embarrassing London Underground moment which left passengers struggling to hold back from laughing

Gary Lineker was left feeling very embarrassed when it happened -Credit:Getty
Gary Lineker was left feeling very embarrassed when it happened -Credit:Getty

Gary Lineker was left red-faced after fellow Match of the Day host Alan Shearer ribbed him for an embarrassing moment on the London Underground. The revelation was made on podcast The Rest Is Football, featuring the aforementioned duo and ex-England defender Micah Richards.

During the session, Alan Shearer cheekily asked Gary Lineker when the last time he used public transport was - knowing full well what was coming. Gary started by saying “I know exactly why he asked me this question, because I told him something that happened to me.

“You b****r.” Gary Lineker continued: “I get public transport all the time, I get the trains into London , I get the tube everywhere and I was on the tube one day last week, towards the end of the week and it was absolutely jam packed right- and there’s standing room everywhere, right down the middle of the train.

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“I couldn't move, and there was a young lady sitting on her seat and she looked up, and I was stood there and she went “would you like a seat?” This left Alan Shearer and Micah Richards in hysterics.

“No I’m fine [gesturing as if talking to the lady] thank you very much, and I could see people going [pretends to snigger]” Lineker coyly added.

But he couldn’t leave it there. He continued: “I’m not that old am I, for god’s sake?”

“Maybe she’s seen your pensioners pass stick out your back pocket,” Alan Shearer chimed in with.

This prompted Micah Richards to ask: “When can you draw your pension, Gaz?”

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