Gary Lineker sums up general election in one tweet: Theresa May has scored 'own goal of the season'

It’s been a very bad night so far for Theresa May.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the Tory leader to resign after she lost her overall majority in the Commons and welcomed in a hung parliament.

With Conservatives 12 seats short of the 326 they need for an absolute majority in the Commons. The poll put Tories on 314 seats, with Labour on 266, the Scottish National Party on 34, Liberal Democrats on 14, Plaid Cymru on three and Greens on one.

The prime minister is due to make a statement around 10am and it is thought that she will stand down.

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The PM’s plan to call a snap election to boost her majority over Labour has backfired massively and Gary Lineker has been hailed as the man who has summed up her night.

The former England striker and Match Of The Day presenter compared Mrs May’s decision to call the election to an own goal, writing on Twitter: ‘I think Theresa May has won own goal of the season.’

<em>Own goal – Gary Lineker compared the PM’s decision to call a snap election to an own goal (Pictures: PA)</em>
Own goal – Gary Lineker compared the PM’s decision to call a snap election to an own goal (Pictures: PA)

His tweet was also picked up and translated by the German tabloid newspaper Bild.

And Bridget Phillipson, re-elected Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, suggested the Tory leader had been left with egg on her face.

She said it was still too early to be drawn on exit polls but added: “Theresa May must have fancied her chances and wouldn’t have called a snap election if she didn’t think she was in with a chance of increasing her majority.

“Maybe history tells us that prime ministers should be a bit more careful in taking those kinds of decisions because there is precedent where you can end up with egg on your face.”

<em>Gamble – has Theresa May been left with egg on her face after her decision to call a snap general election?</em>
Gamble – has Theresa May been left with egg on her face after her decision to call a snap general election?

Alluding to comments Mrs May made earlier in the week about the “naughtiest” thing she had ever done, Spectator writer Christopher Snowdon poked fun at the Prime Minister, tweeting: “This is a new contender for the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done.”

Former Chancellor George Osborne, sacked by Theresa May when she became PM, said the exit poll marked a “catastrophic” night for the Tories.

He told ITV: “It is early days, it’s a poll, if the poll is anything like accurate this is completely catastrophic for the Conservatives and for Theresa May.”

Senior Labour figure Clive Lewis was more blunt with his criticism of Mrs May, saying if the exit poll was borne out, it would be a “complete clusterf***” for her and for Brexit negotiations.

Mr Lewis, who quit Labour’s shadow cabinet to oppose the triggering of Article 50, told the Press Association: “It looks like whatever happens, Theresa May is toast. She is going to be in a bad place after this. It’s a complete clusterf***.

“Going into the most important negotiations in recent history, it isn’t good for the country, but it’s good for Labour.”

On Mrs May, he added: “This will be a personal slap in the face for someone who doesn’t treat being questioned very well.”

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