'Gaslighting The Public': Jeremy Hunt's Labour Tax Warning Gets Rinsed On Social Media

Jeremy Hunt delivers his speech in London this morning.
Jeremy Hunt delivers his speech in London this morning. HENRY NICHOLLS via Getty Images

Jeremy Hunt’s attempts to convince the country that only Labour governments put up taxes have been rinsed on social media.

The chancellor insisted he will cut taxes if the Tories are re-elected - even though he and Rishi Sunak have presided over the highest tax burden in 80 years.

Speaking in London this morning, Hunt said: “Every single Labour government since the 1970s has increased the tax burden.

“As we know global shocks have sometimes forced Conservative governments to do the same, as I did in the Autumn Statement of 2022.

“But Conservative governments never do so by choice. And we have never accepted such decisions need to be permanent.”

He failed to mention the government’s decision to freeze income tax thresholds, which have led to millions being dragged into higher tax bands - but users of X (formerly Twitter) were less forgetful.

Hunt also produced a Treasury-endorsed document of Labour’s spending plans which he claimed would inevitably lead to tax rises after the election.

A Labour spokesperson said: “All of Labour’s policies are fully costed and fully funded.

“Unlike the Conservatives who crashed the economy, Labour will never play fast and loose with the public finances.

“Jeremy Hunt would be better spent getting Rishi Sunak to confirm the date of the election, rather than putting out any more of these dodgy dossiers.”