Gazza challenges Snoop Dogg to 'cannabis vs booze' charity boxing match


Paul Gascoigne has challenged Snoop Dogg to a “cannabis versus booze” charity boxing match to put their differences behind them.

Last week, Gazza was shocked to discover that the rapper had tweeted pictures of himself and the former footballer at 20 years old and 47 years old, Gazza’s entitled “alcohol abuse” and Snoop’s “marijuana abuse”, seemingly to show how much better he looked than recovered alcoholic Gascoigne.

Gazza retaliated with his own Twitter video where he dressed up as Snoop Dogg to mock him, but has now come up with a better plan - fighting it out in the ring.

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The ex-England midfielder told Good Morning Britain: “I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll do a charity boxing match with him, cannabis versus booze. Bring it on. I’ve been working out, as usual.”

He added to Piers Morgan: “When I found out it was Snoop Dogg I went, ‘why me?’ That happened (the photo) about six or eight years ago.

“You know when they say when you’re famous in America you’ve made it, well - you’re famous in America, now so am I.”

On a more serious note, Gazza said that he was appalled the star would poke fun at an addiction that he and many others battle every day.

He said: “Sometimes, I expect it from the English press, but to come from Snoop Dogg...I’m a fan of his as well, I cannot believe it.

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“When I came out of treatment years and years ago, I used to go back in every day and support everyone, wish them well, because it is work to stick to the tools you were given.

“For him to attack someone like myself, with the trouble I’ve put myself through...for him to do that was really bang out of order and I was upset at the time.”

Gazza admitted: “Normally I would probably drink and that, but now I try to look on the funny side of it. But there wasn’t really much of a funny side to that to be fair.

“I remember watching him ages ago and I would have become a fan, but I think he must (know who I am) for him to just reel that one out. I was shocked.”

However, he did manage to spin the row into a positive message for the Lionesses, who take on the USA in the Women’s World Cup semi-final on Tuesday night.

He said: “Good luck girls and keep it going. I’m against Snoop Dogg in America and you’re against Americans - go and do the job.”