GB News: What is it, when does it air and who are the presenters?

Located within The Point at Paddington, north London, the new British television news channel GB News which is under construction. The channel will launch at 8pm on June 13 with a special programme called Welcome To GB News. Picture date: Tuesday June 8, 2021.
New channel GB News launches at 8pm on 13 June. (PA)

The GB News TV channel launches this weekend, hoping to position itself as a rival to the BBC and Sky when it comes to news and current affairs.

The new broadcaster, chaired by veteran political interviewer Andrew Neil, launches on 13 June with a special programme at 8pm titled Welcome To GB News.

The channel has signed up a number of high-profile presenters, as well as recruiting a team of regional reporters, which it says will help with its mission of involving "non-metropolitan voices in the national conversation".

Neil, who has spoken out numerous times against "cancel culture", will host a five-minute segment called Woke Watch, which he says will tackle the "conformity of thinking" that exists in the UK's "elite institutions".

What is GB News and when does it go on air?

GB News is a current affairs and news channel that launches on 13 June.

The channel isn't a 24-hour rolling news channel, instead showing a mix of news, opinion and debate built around anchors.

Founders say they are hoping to attract people who may be unhappy with existing news channels, as well as those who currently don't watch a particular broadcaster.

When and where can I watch GB News?

GB News will be available to watch in HD on Sky channel 515 and Virgin Media’s channel 626, as well as also showing on Freeview and YouView channel 236, Freesat channel 216 and online.

It will run from 6am to midnight with 'personality-led shows' that many are comparing to Fox News in the US.

Broadcaster Andrew Neil leaves St Paul's Cathedral, central London, following the funeral service of Baroness Thatcher.   (Photo by Chris Ison/PA Images via Getty Images)
Veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil is one of several high-profile presenters joining the new channel. (Getty)

Director of news and programmes John McAndrew said: “It’s a huge task to launch even one new programme, never mind a whole channel to run 18 hours a day.

“The team has been working flat out and of course there’s a sense of nervous excitement, but mostly excitement. We can’t wait to get started now.”

Who are the GB News presenters?

GB News is has signed a volley of high-profile presenters, including founder Neil, who spent decades at the BBC.

Other names include ex-BBC presenter Simon McCoy, former executive editor for the Sun Dan Wootton, and ex-Sky broadcaster Colin Brazier.

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Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher also joins the channel, alongside Darren McCaffrey and Rosie Wright, who will host morning show The Great British Breakfast, while also working on other programmes.

Former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry will also join the channel, while broadcaster and author Neil Oliver, known for programmes including Coast and A History Of Ancient Britain, will host Neil Oliver Live, and Andrew Doyle will host Free Speech Nation.

Former ITV presenter Alastair Stewart will anchor Alastair Stewart And Friends, featuring conversation and analysis of current affairs.

Brazier and social commentator Mercy Muroki will host a joint show, as will former Labour MP Gloria De Piero and economist Liam Halligan.

It has also previously been suggested that Piers Morgan could join the channel, though Neil told the Evening Standard that while it would “be nice to have him”, the former Good Morning Britain has "got his own idea of what he is worth and we have a slightly different idea of what he’s worth".

Neil praised the launch line-up of presenters as representative of "modern Britain", saying: "The one thing that has been great is the line-up of presenters. They are Britain, they are modern Britain."

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