Gemma Atkinson shares heartbreaking move for daughter after loss ahead of fifth birthday

Gemma Atkinson and daughter Mia
-Credit: (Image: Gorka Marquez/Instagram)

Gemma Atkinson has said the family are 'cracking on' after revealing the tragic loss of one of their beloved dogs over the weekend. The Hits Radio host also shared how she plans to comfort her four-year-old daughter, with the death coming before her fifth birthday on July 4.

Gemma shared the heartbreaking news of Norman's death on Sunday (June 30) by posting a moving video featuring pictures and clips of him from over the years with her and Ollie as well as Gemma's fiance Gorka and their two children, Mia and Thiago. "My beautiful boy Norman has passed away. My heart is broken," she said.

it comes after fans had been checking in with the Bury-born star after she revealed her beloved dog Norman's sudden decline earlier in June. Gemma told how the family had had a fraught 24 hours with Norman after she found he was unable to move. A trip to the vet unused where the mum-of-two was heartbreakingly told there was nothing more they could do.

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She sadly told how she'd started making arrangements and had cried more than she has ever done during her six-year-long relationship with Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez. But they were given a lifeline when the vet said she could tweak Norman's medication.

However, on Friday (June 28), Bury-born Gemma, who is also the proud owner of beloved pooch Ollie, shared a fresh video of Norman and gave fans an update. The Bury-born star started by saying: "Thank you for checking in re Norm [red heart emoji]. He's not doing too good, to be honest with you all."

Continuing her emotional post confirming her family's sad loss, Gemma wrote: "2 years ago I made a promise to him that I would always take care of him and never allow him be in pain or to suffer. Had I put off making the hardest decision of my life any longer I would have broken that promise. It’s hard to put into words how much Norman changed my life and made it so much better Simply by just being there. Throughout the good & bad experiences the last 12 years he’s been there with Ollie making everything ok."

She continued to pay tribute to her much-loved pet who she said gave her her "first experience of being a mum and having someone other than myself to care for". She also shared her sadness at Mia having also to suffer the loss. Gemma then rounded off her tear-jerking post: "I’m going to love you, miss you and remember you forever. Until we meet again Norman… Go and run again and have some fun up there with my dad. You’re such a good boy."

Gemma confirmed Norman's heartbreaking death -Credit:Gemma Atkinson Instagram
Gemma confirmed Norman's heartbreaking death -Credit:Gemma Atkinson Instagram

She was quickly flooded with an outpouring of love and support from her celebrity pals and loyal followers before she later returned to her social media to thank everyone for their condolences. She typed on her Instagram Story: "Your messages are lovely. Thank you [red heart emoji]. "It's been a really hard couple of days. But I know Norman is at peace and has now taken the role of being my guardian angel."

Speaking of her daughter, the former Hollyoaks and Emmerdale star shared: "Mia's concern earlier was if he poos in heaven, will it fall on anyone? I had to laugh. I'm trying my hardest to explain to her what's happened and today I posted a card addressed to her from Norman in heaven, explaining he's happy and his legs work and she doesn't need to worry about him. It should arrive on Tues. I'm hoping it helps."

She added: "Thank you so much to @legacypets who were so incredibly kind, considerate and supportive of our wishes for Norman. He fell asleep peacefully at home on his bed right next to me. Before he left, I placed one of Thiago's dummies under his blanket. He always did love pinching them after all."

Meanwhile, Gemma followed-up with a video of the family soldiering on with her seen feeding their other beloved pooch, Ollie. "In the meantime, it's routine as usual and extra TLC for Ollie," she said before explaining they're "trying to just crack on with him" in a bid to help him with the loss of his loyal companion.