Gemma Atkinson in tears as daughter Mia makes saddest birthday wish

Gemma Atkinson and daughter Mia
-Credit: (Image: Gorka Marquez/Instagram)

Gemma Atkinson has shared that her birthday celebrations for her daughter Mia, who turned five, ended on a somewhat tearful note - the highlight of which she revealed on Instagram.

At the cosy family event, Gemma admitted to being emotional when her young daughter wished for the return of their dearly missed dog, Norman, as her dream present. In Gemma's words: "Thought I'd got through today cry free but Mia just told me in bed she's had a really good birthday but her best present ever would have been if Norman came home."

Norman, their much-loved canine companion, passed away at the ripe age of 12. Continuing the birthday update, Gemma then posted an adorable video featuring her, Gorka (her partner), and their one year old son Thiago singing the classic 'Happy Birthday'.

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Mia joyously blew out her candles, sitting atop a vibrant, pink cake delightfully adorned with floral and butterfly details. She captioned the heart-warming video with a simple, yet poignant, word - "Famila.", reports the Mirror.

The actress, familiar from Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, later uploaded another snippet to give fans an end-of-day recap. She shares: "Birthday done! Everyone's gone, Gorka's gone for a run and yeah, got through it."

Left alone in their emptied residence, Gemma mentioned doing a little housekeeping, stating her plans for giving her open plan kitchen a quick vacuum before tucking in for some well-deserved rest, feeling utterly "exhausted."

In a few days, she'll have to repeat the celebrations as her son turns one. She shared: "We're going to do it all again 13 days because Thiago is turning one! Mia's got her birthday party on Saturday for all her school mates so that'll be good and yeah, then we go again for Thaigo turning one... Oh my God! " Gemma concluded the clip with: "That's a wrap! ".

Gemma's social media was flooded with messages of support after she announced the loss of her dog. In response to the outpouring of sympathy, she wrote: "Just to say thank you again. My hair's not been washed in days. Norm's obviously not here now. Well he is, just not in his shell.Although the amount of feathers, white feathers, genuinely... So much happened these last few days that I will tell you about when I can speak about it without crying... Thank you for your messages. We're good, we're cracking on aren't we Ol."

The mother of two posted a compilation of video clips and photos capturing all of Norman's family moments. She captioned the post: "My beautiful boy Norman has passed away. My heart is broken."

She added: "12 years ago I made a promise to him that I would always take care of him and never allow him to be in pain or to suffer. ".

She emotionally expressed: "Had I put off making the hardest decision of my life any longer I would have broken that promise.It's hard to put into words how much Norman changed my life and made it so much better Simply by just being there... He was my first experience of being a mum and having someone other than myself to care for. He's taught me a lot. Mainly to always live in the moment, remain positive and to keep trying."

In closing the heartfelt post she wrote: "They say the sadness we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay for loving them so much, and boy did I love you Norman. In all these years the only time you've broken my heart is today, when yours stopped beating. I'm going to love you, miss you and remember you forever."